Yahoo patents granted on 26 August 2014

9 US patents granted on 26 August 2014 and assigned to Yahoo

1 8,819,292 Multisided audience-related hybrid measurements
2 8,819,158 Jury system for use in online answers environment
3 8,819,064 Method and system for data provenance management in multi-layer systems
4 8,819,051 Tagging offline content with context-sensitive search-enabling keywords
5 8,819,038 System and method for performing set operations with defined sketch accuracy distribution
6 8,819,003 Query refinement based on user selections
7 8,818,795 Method and system for using natural language techniques to process inputs
8 8,818,787 Method and system for predicting performance of software applications on prospective hardware architecture
9 8,818,715 Systems and methods to suggest travel itineraries based on users’ current location