Yahoo patents granted on 29 March 2011

8 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Yahoo

1 7,917,591 System and method for streaming videos inline with an e-mail
2 7,917,520 Pre-cognitive delivery of in-context related information
3 7,917,496 Method and apparatus for discovering and classifying polysemous word instances in web documents
4 7,917,489 Implicit name searching
5 7,917,465 System and method for providing vector terms related to instant messaging conversations
6 7,917,448 Apparatus and method for online dating service providing threaded messages with a notes and diary function
7 7,917,392 System for separating mobile search traffic from web search traffic using keyword separation
8 7,917,154 Determining mobile content for a social network based on location and time