Yahoo patents granted on 30 November 2010

11 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Yahoo

1 D628,209 User interface for a computer display
2 7,844,820 Set of metadata for association with a composite media item and tool for creating such set of metadata
3 7,844,707 Web service multi-key rate limiting method and system
4 7,844,608 Clustered query support for a database query engine
5 7,844,605 Using natural search click events to optimize online advertising campaigns
6 7,844,604 Automatically generating user-customized notifications of changes in a social network system
7 7,844,599 Biasing queries to determine suggested queries
8 7,844,589 Method and apparatus for performing a search
9 7,844,588 Systems and methods for providing cross-vertical profiling and searching
10 7,844,567 System and method for selecting a training sample from a sample test based on data sample proximity
11 7,844,283 Method of providing location based information to a mobile terminal within a communications network