Apple patents granted on 01 April 2008

8 US patents granted on 01 April 2008 and assigned to Apple

1 7,353,322 System and method for providing dynamic configuration ROM using double image buffers
2 7,353,284 Synchronized transmission of audio and video data from a computer to a client via an interface
3 7,353,164 Representation of orthography in a continuous vector space
4 7,353,143 Reviewing and changing the outcome of a digital signal processing operation
5 7,352,708 Method and apparatus for border node behavior on a full-duplex bus
6 7,352,567 Methods and apparatuses for docking a portable electronic device that has a planar like configuration and that operates in multiple orientations
7 7,351,925 Method and apparatus for detecting free fall
8 7,351,066 Electromagnetic connector for electronic device