Canon patents granted on 02 December 2008

70 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,461,375 Print managing apparatus, device driver registering method, and device driver registering program
2 7,461,329 Channel encoding adapted to error bursts
3 7,461,255 Digital watermark processing apparatus, and digital contents distribution system using the apparatus
4 7,461,252 Authentication method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
5 7,461,251 Public key certification issuing apparatus
6 7,461,187 Bus system and data transfer method
7 7,461,178 Distributed processing system and its control method
8 7,461,168 Method and system for addressing audio-visual content fragments
9 7,460,825 Sheet feeding apparatus and sheet processing apparatus
10 7,460,821 Image heating apparatus including heating rotatable member and cooperating rubbing rotatable member
11 7,460,817 Image forming apparatus
12 7,460,813 Image forming apparatus
13 7,460,811 Image forming apparatus
14 7,460,809 Air processing apparatus and image forming system
15 7,460,803 Electric potential measuring device using oscillating device, image forming apparatus, and electric potential measuring method
16 7,460,801 Image forming apparatus with control of power distribution to heat fixing device
17 7,460,798 Image forming apparatus and method of detecting amount of residual developer
18 7,460,796 Method for measuring amount of toner, method for image formation, toner amount measuring apparatus, and image forming apparatus
19 7,460,795 Image forming apparatus having a detachably mountable image forming unit
20 7,460,782 Picture composition guide
21 7,460,775 Optical apparatus including efficiently arranged shake correction means
22 7,460,772 Optical apparatus
23 7,460,764 Apparatus for programming recording of TV program and/or radio program and control method therefor
24 7,460,729 Data transform processing apparatus and method
25 7,460,722 Encoding of digital data with determination of sample path
26 7,460,720 Method and device for defining quality modes for a digital image signal
27 7,460,719 Image processing apparatus and method of encoding image data therefor
28 7,460,641 X-ray image taking device
29 7,460,564 Transport stream editing method and apparatus therefor
30 7,460,451 Information-reproducing apparatus equipped with PLL circuit
31 7,460,320 Driving system and optical-element driving system
32 7,460,311 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
33 7,460,310 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the lens
34 7,460,284 Image scanning apparatus, image scanning method, and program for use in image scanning apparatus
35 7,460,283 Color separation table generation method and image processing apparatus
36 7,460,271 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
37 7,460,264 Recording apparatus, recording system, and method of controlling recording apparatus
38 7,460,263 Status information obtaining method, apparatus, program, and storing medium
39 7,460,256 Controlling a peripheral unit by converting an instruction to delete certain information therefrom
40 7,460,253 Program storable image forming apparatus, control method, and control program
41 7,460,213 Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method using exposure apparatus
42 7,460,177 Video signal clamping device
43 7,460,171 Lens apparatus having stop blade, optical filter and shutter blade
44 7,460,166 Switchover image taking apparatus
45 7,460,164 Image capture device having amplification circuit for amplifying signal from photoelectric conversion portion
46 7,460,162 Solid state image pickup device and camera
47 7,460,158 Recording material consumption control for an image forming apparatus
48 7,460,155 Image sensing apparatus having an antivibration unit, control method of the image sensing apparatus, and computer program product
49 7,460,154 Vibration compensation apparatus using a coordinate conversion
50 7,460,115 Display apparatus using subpixels with high light utilization
51 7,459,875 Control device for stepping motor
52 7,459,844 Electron-emitting device, electron-emitting apparatus, image display apparatus, and light-emitting apparatus
53 7,459,841 Electron beam apparatus, display apparatus, television apparatus, and spacer
54 7,459,832 Electro-mechanical energy converter and vibration wave driving
55 7,459,760 Photoelectric conversion device and image pickup system with photoelectric conversion device
56 7,459,721 Field effect type organic transistor and process for production thereof
57 7,459,707 Exposure apparatus, light source apparatus and device fabrication
58 7,459,648 Recording apparatus
59 7,459,559 Metal complex and organic light-emitting device
60 7,459,517 Polyhydroxyalkanoate, process for preparing the same, and resin composition containing the polyhydroxyalkanoate
61 7,459,338 Substrate, conductive substrate, fine structure substrate, organic field effect transistor and manufacturing method thereof
62 7,459,253 Toner and method of producing toner
63 7,458,996 Rechargeable lithium battery and process for the production thereof
64 7,458,872 Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source, and image display device
65 7,458,870 Producing method for substrate, producing apparatus for substrate, producing method for image display apparatus and image display apparatus
66 7,458,738 Image-taking apparatus
67 7,458,667 Ink container with light-emitting unit to convey information
68 7,458,655 Printing apparatus, printing position adjustment value setting method and printing method
69 7,458,576 Sheet material information detection device and sheet material processing apparatus
70 7,458,146 Method for manufacturing image display unit