Canon patents granted on 05 January 2010

63 US patents granted on 05 January 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,644,361 Method of using recommendations to visually create new views of data across heterogeneous sources
2 7,644,241 Data processing apparatus, and the control method, program, and storage medium thereof
3 7,644,143 Data processing device, registration method, and program
4 7,644,119 Computer network scanning
5 7,643,961 Position detecting device and position detecting method
6 7,643,851 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, and control method thereof
7 7,643,785 Image heating device capable of changing pressure applied to heating nip
8 7,643,783 Image forming apparatus employing an electrophotographic method
9 7,643,772 Image forming apparatus having door positioning device
10 7,643,769 Image forming system, an apparatus, and method for controlling the same
11 7,643,768 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling thereof
12 7,643,743 Focus detection apparatus, method of driving the same and camera system
13 7,643,723 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
14 7,643,695 Image coding apparatus and its control method, and computer program and computer readable storage medium
15 7,643,691 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
16 7,643,689 Encoded data conversion method
17 7,643,677 Image display apparatus
18 7,643,613 Radiation imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
19 7,643,228 Optical system and optical apparatus including optical system
20 7,643,221 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
21 7,643,198 Micro-oscillating member, light-deflector, and image-forming apparatus
22 7,643,197 Method of manufacturing oscillator device, and optical deflector and optical instrument having oscillator device
23 7,643,190 Method for controlling image forming apparatus
24 7,643,178 Image processing method and apparatus
25 7,643,174 Semiconductor laser drive control device
26 7,643,172 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
27 7,643,169 Observing a state of a digital signal and capturing the digital signal
28 7,643,167 Data communication apparatus and method of controlling same
29 7,643,166 Image forming apparatus, image forming method and printing apparatus
30 7,643,150 Optical apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
31 7,643,125 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
32 7,643,077 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system having the apparatus
33 7,643,065 Image data processing system
34 7,642,998 Display apparatus and assembly of its driving circuit
35 7,642,749 Rechargeable battery, and apparatus and method of charging the same
36 7,642,724 Light emitting element driving circuit
37 7,642,702 Electron source, image display apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, wiring board, and electronic device
38 7,642,581 Solid-state image sensing device
39 7,642,519 Radiation detecting apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
40 7,642,517 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
41 7,642,295 Electrolyte membrane of siloxane-based polymer and solid polymer fuel cell utilizing the same
42 7,642,179 Semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method for the same
43 7,642,112 Method of manufacturing bonded substrate stack
44 7,642,086 Labeled probe bound object, method for producing the same and method for using the same
45 7,642,022 Parameter determination method, exposure method, device fabrication method, and storage medium
46 7,641,783 Plating solution, process for producing a structure with the plating solution, and apparatus employing the plating solution
47 7,641,723 Ink jet recording ink, recording method and recording apparatus
48 7,641,606 Sheet conveyance roller and sheet processing apparatus with RFID unit embedded in the rotational member
49 7,641,531 Organic light-emitting device and manufacturing method therefor
50 7,641,408 Recording apparatus
51 7,641,382 Leak judgment method, and computer-readable recording medium with recorded leak-judgment-executable program
52 7,641,317 Liquid discharge recording head and liquid discharge recording head cartridge including the same
53 7,641,316 Ink jet head circuit board, method of manufacturing the same and ink jet head using the same
54 7,641,311 Ink jet print head and manufacturing method thereof
55 7,641,310 Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus and image processing method
56 7,641,309 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, ink jet printing apparatus, and ink jet printing method
57 7,641,306 Wiper blade member for ink jet recording head, ink jet recording apparatus having wiper blade and ink jet recording method
58 7,641,195 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
59 7,641,191 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
60 7,641,188 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
61 7,641,187 Automatic sheet feeding apparatus and recording apparatus
62 7,641,186 Sheet feeding/conveying method and sheet feeding/conveying apparatus
63 7,641,184 Image reading and recording apparatus