Canon patents granted on 26 January 2010

29 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 RE41,086 Electron source substrate, production method thereof, and image forming apparatus using electron source substrate
2 7,653,947 Image forming system, image forming apparatus, control method therefor and program implementing the control method
3 7,653,841 Information processing apparatus and information notification method therefor, and control program
4 7,653,839 Image input/output device, information processing method, and storage medium
5 7,653,729 Information processing system, server apparatus, information processing apparatus, and control method thereof
6 7,653,337 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
7 7,653,336 Developing apparatus featuring multiple magnetic rollers for developing a latent image multiple times
8 7,653,320 Image forming system and control method that change sequence of image formation based on fixation method
9 7,653,293 Camera system with image stabilizing function, camera body thereof, and interchangeable lens thereof
10 7,653,254 Image coding apparatus and image coding method
11 7,653,239 Image processing method and image processing apparatus for correcting for color shift occurring in color image data
12 7,653,217 Image data processing apparatus and method using attribute information
13 7,652,852 Magnetoresistance effect device and a preform therefor
14 7,652,768 Chemical sensing apparatus and chemical sensing method
15 7,652,748 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
16 7,652,713 Image pickup apparatus
17 7,652,691 Imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and imaging system for performing appropriate image capturing when a driving method is changed
18 7,652,684 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof having main scan length correcting feature
19 7,652,682 Image forming apparatus
20 7,652,679 Image display method, program, image display apparatus and image display system
21 7,651,861 Method of producing fluorite crystal, fluorite and optical system incorporating the same
22 7,651,834 Photosensitive compound, photosensitive composition, method for resist pattern formation, and process for device production
23 7,651,736 Method of producing a nanohole on a structure by removal of projections and anodic oxidation
24 7,651,283 Optical device
25 7,651,207 Method for controlling light emitting portion for liquid container and printing apparatus
26 7,651,194 Printing apparatus and conveyance amount correction method for the same
27 7,651,185 Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method
28 7,651,092 Printing system and control method thereof
29 7,650,850 Liquid applying apparatus and ink jet printing apparatus