Canon patents granted on 30 December 2008

46 US patents granted on 30 December 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 D583,860 Toner cartridge
2 7,472,348 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium using character size and width for magnification
3 7,472,265 Information input system, control method thereof, and storage medium
4 7,472,212 Multi CPU system
5 7,472,206 Method and apparatus of communication control using direct memory access (DMA) transfer
6 7,471,919 Image forming apparatus with first and second motors
7 7,471,912 Image forming apparatus including intermediate transfer member and method of controlling the same
8 7,471,910 Image forming apparatus and gloss level control method
9 7,471,909 Image forming apparatus
10 7,471,908 Image forming apparatus that forms adjustment images having different densities and image forming method of controlling the image forming apparatus
11 7,471,889 Focus detection system for focus adjustment having differently-sized apertures and using a pair of signals formed by a pencil of rays passing through different regions of exit pupil of imaging lens
12 7,471,877 Image recorder and method and program for displaying recorded images
13 7,471,872 Reproducing apparatus for data stored in disk-shape storage media
14 7,471,847 Image processing method and apparatus for correcting image brightness distribution
15 7,471,811 Image pickup apparatus and fingerprint recognition apparatus
16 7,471,808 Image sensing device, image processing apparatus and method, and memory medium
17 7,471,477 Optical apparatus
18 7,471,475 Optical apparatus
19 7,471,462 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
20 7,471,460 Zoom lens system and camera having same
21 7,471,433 Optical scanning apparatus
22 7,471,424 Original size detecting apparatus, original size detecting method, and program for original size detection
23 7,471,412 Image printing apparatus and method of controlling the same
24 7,471,409 Color image forming apparatus and image output method
25 7,471,406 Printing control apparatus and method, and printing system
26 7,471,401 Information processing apparatus, printing processing method, and program therefor
27 7,471,332 Imaging device having a capability of checking connection with a flash unit, flash unit having a capability of checking connection with an imaging device, and system including an imaging device and a flash unit and having a capability of checking connection between the imaging device and the flash unit
28 7,471,331 Lens apparatus including image pick-up optical unit and controller for controlling change of aperture diameter
29 7,471,330 Lens controlling apparatus and image-taking apparatus with focus control based on first and second signals derived from different focus control methods
30 7,471,308 Frequency modulation apparatus and frequency modulation method
31 7,471,307 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
32 7,470,911 Photoelectric conversion device and radiation photography apparatus
33 7,470,908 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
34 7,470,768 Polyhydroxyalkanoate having vinyl group, ester group, carboxyl group, and sulfonic group, and method of producing the same
35 7,470,554 Forming method of stacking structure and manufacturing method of electron source and image display apparatus using such method
36 7,470,494 Magnetic toner
37 7,470,375 Method for manufacturing liquid ejection head, substrate for liquid ejection head, and liquid ejection head
38 7,470,071 Pan head apparatus and cable accommodating unit
39 7,470,025 Ophthalmic apparatus
40 7,470,013 Recording liquid container, ink jet recording apparatus, and cartridge collecting apparatus
41 7,470,012 Liquid storage container and liquid ejection recording apparatus having the container mounted thereon
42 7,470,011 Liquid discharging head cartridge
43 7,469,992 Ink cartridge
44 7,469,985 Data processing apparatus, printing apparatus and method of creating mask
45 7,469,894 Image forming apparatus
46 7,469,892 Image forming apparatus