Fujitsu patents granted on 03 August 2010

32 US patents granted on 03 August 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,770,112 Data conversion method and apparatus to partially hide data
2 7,770,074 Method and device for the fault-tolerance management of a software component
3 7,769,966 Apparatus and method for judging validity of transfer data
4 7,769,911 Data reading method and data reading apparatus
5 7,769,808 Data input terminal, method, and computer readable storage medium storing program thereof
6 7,769,304 Signal light processing apparatus
7 7,769,299 Chromatic dispersion monitoring method and chromatic dispersion monitoring apparatus, and optical transmission system
8 7,769,294 Optical transmission network
9 7,769,234 Ruled line extracting program, ruled line extracting apparatus and ruled line extracting method
10 7,769,210 Biometric authentication device
11 7,769,209 Biometric authentication method and biometric authentication apparatus
12 7,769,122 Timing recovery circuit
13 7,768,973 Proportional fair scheduler for OFDMA wireless systems with QOS constraints
14 7,768,924 Using a link attribute to inform nodes of the availability of traffic management resources
15 7,768,905 Program and method for controlling communication
16 7,768,733 Method for erasing data from magnetic tape storage media
17 7,768,692 Single-photon generator
18 7,768,603 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
19 7,768,532 Image processing system, image processing method, image processing program, image processing apparatus, and communication terminal device
20 7,768,480 Plasma display device and capacitive load driving circuit
21 7,768,384 Power management device and computer readable medium
22 7,768,279 Control method and control program for prober
23 7,768,266 Vehicle battery monitor apparatus and method for detecting battery change
24 7,768,188 Display device
25 7,768,087 Photodiode, solid slate image sensor, and method of manufacturing the same
26 7,768,082 Surface-shape sensor and method of manufacturing the same
27 7,768,039 Field effect transistors with different gate widths
28 7,767,952 Semiconductor imaging device having a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix-like pattern
29 7,767,523 Semiconductor device with integrated flash memory and peripheral circuit and its manufacture method
30 7,767,108 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacture of same
31 7,766,662 Surface mount coaxial connector assembly
32 7,766,598 Bundle transport apparatus for paper sheet materials and handling apparatus for the same