Fujitsu patents granted on 03 January 2017

32 US patents granted on 03 January 2017 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,538,522 Method for transmitting uplink response signals, base station, mobile station and communication system
2 9,538,466 Communication system, communication method, mobile terminal, device, and base station
3 9,538,427 Method for determining mobile state of mobile terminal and adjusting time to trigger
4 9,538,414 Transmission control method and node
5 9,538,400 Radio communication system, base station, mobile station, and radio communication method
6 9,538,326 Apparatus and method for monitoring a location of a movable information apparatus
7 9,538,244 Extraction method for extracting a pitching scene and device for the same
8 9,538,168 Determination device and determination method
9 9,537,942 Proxy assignment apparatus and method for assigning proxy
10 9,537,774 Transmission apparatus and method for controlling transmission band
11 9,537,735 Data collection method, mobile terminal and data storage device
12 9,537,599 Optical transmitter and optical transmission method
13 9,537,570 Optical transceiving apparatus, optical transmitting method, and optical transmitting device
14 9,537,289 Modulated light source
15 9,537,075 Graphite structure, electronic component and method of manufacturing electronic component
16 9,536,857 Heating header of semiconductor mounting apparatus and bonding method for semiconductor
17 9,536,661 Method of production of transformer module
18 9,536,624 Data transfer circuit
19 9,536,547 Speaker change detection device and speaker change detection method
20 9,536,525 Speaker indexing device and speaker indexing method
21 9,536,502 Screen display based on the inter-screen relationship
22 9,536,440 Question setting apparatus and method
23 9,536,125 Data determination device, library device, and data determination method
24 9,536,018 Computer-implemented method of identifying a group of perforations
25 9,535,839 Arithmetic processing device, method of controlling arithmetic processing device, and information processing device
26 9,535,825 Information processing device and information processing method
27 9,535,791 Storage control device, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein program, and control method
28 9,535,743 Data processing control method, computer-readable recording medium, and data processing control device for performing a Mapreduce process
29 9,535,492 Information processing apparatus, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
30 9,535,478 Power supply management device, electronic apparatus, and power supply management method
31 9,535,213 Optical module with cover material covering part of electrode portion and signal line
32 9,534,592 Actuator, micropump, and electronic equipment