Fujitsu patents granted on 19 January 2010

33 US patents granted on 19 January 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,650,586 Development method for integrated circuits, program storage medium for storing the development method for integrated circuits, and concurrent development system, development program, and development method of ASIC and programmable logic device
2 7,650,553 Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus and interface test method
3 7,650,537 Inspection support apparatus and inspection support method
4 7,650,536 Forced termination condition monitoring device, forced termination condition monitoring method and storage medium embodying forced termination condition monitoring program
5 7,650,500 Encryption communication system
6 7,650,451 Arbiter circuit
7 7,650,426 Method of and apparatus for communication, and computer product
8 7,650,413 Managing shared memory resources in a high-speed switching environment
9 7,650,369 Database system management method and database system
10 7,650,328 Data storage device capable of storing multiple sets of history information on input/output processing of security data without duplication
11 7,650,302 Numerical calculation device, numerical calculation method, and computer product
12 7,650,295 Method, apparatus, and medium for remote approval of a delivery if the recipient is absent from the delivery location
13 7,650,280 Voice packet loss concealment device, voice packet loss concealment method, receiving terminal, and voice communication system
14 7,650,274 Microcomputer logic development system
15 7,650,174 Superconductive filter capable of easily adjusting filter characteristic and filter characteristic adjusting method
16 7,650,083 Demodulating a signal by performing consecutive beam splitting
17 7,650,076 Dynamic blocking of token-controlled data transmissions in communication networks
18 7,650,074 Optical transmission apparatus
19 7,650,072 Method of upgrading optical node, and an optical node apparatus
20 7,649,992 Apparatuses for encoding, decoding, and authenticating data in cipher block chaining messaging authentication code
21 7,649,846 Purge mechanism in link aggregation group management
22 7,649,796 Semiconductor memory and operating method of same
23 7,649,601 Liquid crystal display having protrusion-like structures between pair of substrates
24 7,649,482 Signal modulation method, signal modulation apparatus, electronic device, and computer program product
25 7,649,443 Antitheft apparatus
26 7,649,391 Clock signal transmission circuit
27 7,649,370 Evaluation method of probe mark of probe needle of probe card using imaginary electrode pad and designated determination frame
28 7,649,261 Highly integrated and reliable DRAM and its manufacture
29 7,649,232 P-channel MOS transistor, semiconductor integrated circuit device and fabrication process thereof
30 7,648,907 Semiconductor device, wiring substrate forming method, and substrate processing apparatus
31 7,648,887 Classification apparatus for semiconductor substrate, classification method of semiconductor substrate, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
32 7,648,289 Module having a handle to be operated to attach the module to a cage
33 7,648,269 Temperature measuring device for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, method of measuring temperature in semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus