Fujitsu patents granted on 24 January 2017

28 US patents granted on 24 January 2017 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,554,412 Electronic device and control device
2 9,554,409 Communication terminal apparatus, communication control system, and communication control method
3 9,554,385 Communications apparatus and communications system using multicarrier transmission mode
4 9,554,325 System, apparatus, and method for determining signal quality with multiple access points
5 9,554,087 Information processing device including an image transmission control function
6 9,553,928 Data sharing method and data processing system
7 9,553,823 Process migration method, computer system and intermediate computing resources
8 9,553,795 Port switching method, analysis device, and recording medium
9 9,553,731 Transmission method and system for terminal unique information
10 9,553,711 Base station and cell assignment method
11 9,553,684 Data frame generation circuit and data frame generation method
12 9,553,674 Optical transmitter and method of optical transmission
13 9,553,646 Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and transmission-data control method
14 9,553,521 Power supply device and control method of power supply device
15 9,553,449 Power supply apparatus, method of controlling power supply, and base station apparatus
16 9,553,420 Current amplification to improve optical amplifier performance
17 9,553,386 Contact
18 9,553,224 Semiconductor photodetector element and method
19 9,553,152 Semiconductor device
20 9,552,415 Category classification processing device and method
21 9,552,310 Signal control circuit, information processing apparatus, and signal control method
22 9,552,292 Apparatus and method for allocating virtual memory addresses to continuous physical addresses
23 9,552,284 Determining valid inputs for an unknown binary program
24 9,552,265 Information processing apparatus and storage system
25 9,552,241 Information processing apparatus, method of information processing, and recording medium having stored therein program for information processing
26 9,552,197 Computer-readable recording medium storing information processing program, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
27 9,552,172 Storage processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium storing program for controlling storage, and storage system
28 9,552,066 Drive control apparatus that drives actuator, electronic apparatus that drives actuator, and control method for driving actuator