Fujitsu patents granted on 27 September 2016

26 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,456,425 Method for configured maximum output power reporting and user equipment
2 9,456,393 Method and apparatus for notifying starting symbol of physical downlink shared channel
3 9,455,984 Secret data matching device, secret data matching method, and recording medium
4 9,455,940 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
5 9,455,889 Managing a mobile computing device inventory list
6 9,455,803 Relay device and relay method
7 9,455,789 Optical reception apparatus, and control apparatus and control method of optical reception apparatus
8 9,455,780 Optical transmission system and optical receiving apparatus
9 9,455,589 Power supply apparatus and power supply degradation diagnosis method
10 9,455,390 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing semiconductor device and electronic thermoelectric power generation device
11 9,455,258 Semiconductor device and method of designing the same
12 9,455,212 Loop heat pipe system and information processing apparatus
13 9,455,102 Key structure and electronic apparatus
14 9,454,704 Apparatus and method for determining monitoring object region in image
15 9,454,693 Image correction apparatus, image correction method, and biometric authentication apparatus
16 9,454,668 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, terminal apparatus, and control method
17 9,454,612 Item selection in curation learning
18 9,454,567 Graph database query handling method and apparatus
19 9,454,452 Information processing apparatus and method for monitoring device by use of first and second communication protocols
20 9,454,447 Method and a computing system allowing a method of injecting hardware faults into an executing application
21 9,454,399 Parallel computer system, method of controlling parallel computer system, and recording medium
22 9,454,347 Analyzing incomplete software
23 9,454,258 Book-like physical control and feedback apparatus
24 9,453,975 Clip, optical module, and optical connector
25 9,453,973 Fabrication method for optical connector and optical connector
26 9,453,766 Management system