Google patents granted on 20 January 2015

30 US patents granted on 20 January 2015 and assigned to Google

1 8,938,809 Retrieval of data across multiple partitions of a storage device using digital signatures
2 8,938,748 Determining content consumption metrics using display device power status information
3 8,938,669 Inline user addressing in chat and document editing sessions
4 8,938,636 Generating globally coherent timestamps
5 8,938,612 Limited-access state for inadvertent inputs
6 8,938,500 Retrieving social network content
7 8,938,478 Dynamic presentation of web content
8 8,938,464 Identifying geo-located objects
9 8,938,463 Modifying search result ranking based on implicit user feedback and a model of presentation bias
10 8,938,449 Semantic image label synthesis
11 8,938,446 System and method of transmitting search results based on arbitrary queries
12 8,938,441 Presenting search results for gallery web pages
13 8,938,422 Delay retrieval of synchronization information
14 8,938,418 Method and system for efficiently replicating data in non-relational databases
15 8,938,394 Audio triggers based on context
16 8,938,358 System and method for suggesting alternative travel destinations
17 8,938,119 Facade illumination removal
18 8,938,094 Generating a road network based on satellite imagery
19 8,938,091 System and method of using images to determine correspondence between locations
20 8,938,089 Detection of inactive broadcasts during live stream ingestion
21 8,938,001 Apparatus and method for coding using combinations
22 8,937,987 Pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode lock out for regulators when receive signal quality is low
23 8,937,912 System and method using multiple request to send (RTS) messages to enhance wireless communication resource allocation
24 8,937,727 Portable handheld device with multi-core image processor
25 8,937,666 User interface for providing feedback for handheld image capture
26 8,937,637 Method and apparatus providing synchronization and control for server-based multi-screen videoconferencing
27 8,937,627 Seamless vector map tiles across multiple zoom levels
28 8,937,620 System and methods for generation and control of story animation
29 8,937,617 Matching views between a three-dimensional geographical image and a two-dimensional geographical image
30 8,936,196 Camera unit incorporating program script scanner