Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 08 April 2008

29 US patents granted on 08 April 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D566,053 Control area
2 7,356,813 System and method for optimizing a program
3 7,356,763 Real-time slide presentation multimedia data object and system and method of recording and browsing a multimedia data object
4 7,356,738 Electronic apparatus having improved diagnostic interface
5 7,356,733 System and method for system firmware causing an operating system to idle a processor
6 7,356,727 Electronic device employing efficient fault tolerance
7 7,356,678 Security measures in a partitionable computing system
8 7,356,674 Method and apparatus for fetching instructions from the memory subsystem of a mixed architecture processor into a hardware emulation engine
9 7,356,644 Apparatus and method for providing very large virtual storage volumes using redundant arrays of disks
10 7,356,576 Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for providing network storage assignments
11 7,356,574 Apparatus and method for providing dynamic and automated assignment of data logical unit numbers
12 7,356,287 Ink developer foil
13 7,356,215 Methods and apparatus for selectively coupling optical paths
14 7,356,200 Method and device for determining skew angle of an image
15 7,356,195 System and method for estimating image sharpness
16 7,355,859 DC power port in a rack
17 7,355,807 Hard disk drive protection system and method
18 7,355,747 System for improving the speed of data processing
19 7,355,745 Document-to-printer color gamut matching
20 7,355,612 Displaying spatially offset sub-frames with a display device having a set of defective display pixels
21 7,355,611 Method and arrangement for improving image quality on a display of an imaging device
22 7,355,358 Configurable H-bridge circuit
23 7,355,193 Dust and scratch detection for an image scanner
24 7,355,159 Image scanner and method for detecting a defect in an image to be scanned
25 7,354,972 Amphipathic polymer particles and methods of manufacturing the same
26 7,354,691 Imaging apparatus and improved toner therefor
27 7,354,246 Electronics cooling fan with collapsible fan blade
28 7,354,147 Platen having channels and method for the same
29 7,354,146 Dryer