Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 23 May 2006

60 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,051,340 System and method for isolating applications from each other
2 7,051,320 Diagnostic tool for a plurality of networked computers with incident escalator and relocation of information to another computer
3 7,051,301 System and method for building a test case including a summary of instructions
4 7,051,265 Systems and methods of routing data to facilitate error correction
5 7,051,244 Method and apparatus for managing incident reports
6 7,051,242 Method and apparatus for improving yield by decommissioning optional units on a CPU due to manufacturing defects
7 7,051,239 Method and apparatus for efficiently implementing trace and/or logic analysis mechanisms on a processor chip
8 7,051,238 Method and system for using machine-architecture support to distinguish function and routine return values
9 7,051,210 Persistance and recovery of security keys
10 7,051,196 Location-based security for a portable computer
11 7,051,195 Method of optimization of CPU and chipset performance by support of optional reads by CPU and chipset
12 7,051,175 Techniques for improved transaction processing
13 7,051,166 Directory-based cache coherency scheme for reducing memory bandwidth loss
14 7,051,163 Directory structure permitting efficient write-backs in a shared memory computer system
15 7,051,162 Methods and apparatus used to retrieve data from memory before such data is requested
16 7,051,127 Method and apparatus for selectively providing data pre-emphasis based upon data content history
17 7,051,122 Structure and process for distributing SCSI LUN semantics across parallel distributed components
18 7,051,095 Locating device resources on a global scale
19 7,051,094 Decentralized management of composite digital services
20 7,051,088 Systems and methods for providing off-line backup of a programmable device’s configuration data to users of programmable devices at a service location
21 7,051,065 Method and system for performing fault-tolerant online validation of service requests
22 7,051,045 Logical architecture for business-to-employee web services
23 7,051,041 Simplified relational database extension to DBM hash tables and method for using same
24 7,051,009 Automatic hierarchical classification of temporal ordered case log documents for detection of changes
25 7,050,978 System and method of providing evaluation feedback to a speaker while giving a real-time oral presentation
26 7,050,956 Method and apparatus for morphological modeling of complex systems to predict performance
27 7,050,931 Computing performance thresholds based on variations in network traffic patterns
28 7,050,872 Innovation information management model
29 7,050,815 Deriving location information about a communicating entity
30 7,050,742 Hard imaging apparatus charging devices and hard imaging device charging methods
31 7,050,659 Optically modulable photonic bandgap medium
32 7,050,650 User selected background noise removal for scanned document images
33 7,050,630 System and method of locating a non-textual region of an electronic document or image that matches a user-defined description of the region
34 7,050,625 Method and digital camera for indicating when image data has been captured for a three-dimensional target object
35 7,050,326 Magnetic memory device with current carrying reference layer
36 7,050,206 Document capture device
37 7,050,195 Printed medium data storage
38 7,050,193 High accuracy swath advance paper positioning for printers
39 7,050,182 Device having embedded supply consumption rate test capability
40 7,050,180 Loading facility for small printer media
41 7,050,120 Display device with cooperative color filters
42 7,050,096 Real-time image transfer by selective frame dropping between a camera and host computer
43 7,050,069 Fast clear technique for display regions having subregions
44 7,050,041 Pointing device with a cable storage winding mechanism
45 7,049,796 Hot swap power delivery circuit
46 7,049,626 Misalignment-tolerant electronic interfaces and methods for producing misalignment-tolerant electronic interfaces
47 7,049,573 Nonchanneled color capable photoelectronic effect image sensor and method
48 7,049,158 Method of manufacturing an emitter
49 7,049,024 Membrane electrode assemblies and method for manufacture
50 7,048,382 Recording length(s) of time high-temperature component operates in accordance with high-temperature policy
51 7,048,367 Preconditioning media for embossing
52 7,048,359 Ink-jet printhead and method for producing the same
53 7,048,355 High-performance, high-density ink jet printhead having multiple modes of operation
54 7,048,353 Printhead maintenance system
55 7,048,345 Reconfigurable data cartridge import/export drawer
56 7,048,272 Media qualification accessory and method
57 7,048,269 Systems and methods of edge preparation for binding a text body
58 D521,514 Border and special function keys for a keyboard or similar article
59 D521,513 Computer keyboard
60 D521,507 Portable computer case