Hitachi patents granted on 01 April 2008

50 US patents granted on 01 April 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,353,542 Storage system, computer system, and method of authorizing an initiator in the storage system or the computer system
2 7,353,500 Suppressing execution of monitoring measurement program pointed to by inserted branch after threshold number of coverage to reduce instruction testing overhead
3 7,353,496 Storage controller software development support system and software development support method
4 7,353,435 Storage device system and signal transmission method for storage device system
5 7,353,434 Method for controlling storage system
6 7,353,406 Disk array optimizing the drive operation time
7 7,353,335 Storage control method for database recovery in logless mode
8 7,353,242 File server for long term data archive
9 7,353,240 Method and storage system that enable sharing files among multiple servers
10 7,353,123 Leakage current or resistance measurement method, and monitoring apparatus and monitoring system of the same
11 7,353,076 Vacuum processing method and vacuum processing apparatus
12 7,353,054 Optical measurement apparatus for living body
13 7,353,032 Method, system, and apparatus for detecting a position of a terminal in a network
14 7,353,020 Radio access point testing apparatus and method of testing radio access point
15 7,352,890 Method for analyzing circuit pattern defects and a system thereof
16 7,352,877 Digital-watermark-embedding and picture compression unit
17 7,352,856 Telephone applicable to PSTN and IP network and call connection control method
18 7,352,675 Information recording method, information recording medium and information recording apparatus
19 7,352,673 Recording method and recording apparatus
20 7,352,658 Method for recording information data to a recording medium by irradiation with a light beam and application of a magnetic field
21 7,352,571 Disk array device
22 7,352,542 Enhanced spin-valve sensor with engineered overlayer formed on a free layer
23 7,352,541 CPP GMR using Fe based synthetic free layer
24 7,352,537 Tuned damper for disk drive actuator arm
25 7,352,535 Method and apparatus for reducing crosstalk and signal loss in flexing interconnects of an electrical lead suspension
26 7,352,534 Flexure leg optimization shapes for lateral stiffness
27 7,352,532 Method and apparatus for utilizing a small pad to increase a head to a disk interface reliability for a load/unload drive
28 7,352,530 Method and apparatus for reducing a suspension gram load to increase head to disk interface reliability for contact recording systems
29 7,352,448 Personal identification system
30 7,352,427 Display device
31 7,352,425 Liquid crystal display device
32 7,352,416 Polarization direction of incident light beam perpendicular or parallel to liquid display molecular orientation for reduced drive voltage
33 7,352,350 Display device
34 7,352,316 Time-interleaved AD converter
35 7,352,285 IC tag mounting on a harness and harness mounting method
36 7,352,274 Remote keyless entry system
37 7,352,186 Nuclear magnetic resonance probe coil
38 7,352,184 MRI apparatus with high-resistance magnet
39 7,352,182 Automated selection of elements within phased array RF coils
40 7,352,143 Interface circuit, power conversion device, and vehicle-mounted electric machinery system
41 7,352,010 Photoelectric conversion module with cooling function
42 7,351,946 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and imaging system
43 7,351,500 Lithium-containing composite oxide and nonaqueous secondary cell using the same, and method for manufacturing the same
44 7,351,460 Information recording medium, information recording device, and information recording method
45 7,351,445 Magnetic recording media and method of forming them
46 7,350,937 Lighting unit, lighting module, and liquid crystal display
47 7,350,404 Scanning type probe microscope and probe moving control method therefor
48 7,350,401 Liquid feeding system
49 7,350,302 Jigsaw
50 7,350,284 Methods of making a current-perpendicular-to-the-planes (CPP) type sensor by ion milling to the spacer layer using a mask without undercuts