Hitachi patents granted on 02 December 2008

58 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,461,293 Apparatus and storage system for controlling acquisition of snapshot
2 7,461,276 CPU power adjustment method
3 7,461,267 Method and apparatus for cryptographic conversion in a data storage system
4 7,461,245 Storage subsystem and storage controller
5 7,461,227 Storage system and data backup method for the same
6 7,461,226 Multi-site remote-copy system
7 7,461,225 Storage system and replication creation method thereof
8 7,461,224 Remote copy system
9 7,461,222 Method for mirroring data between clustered NAS systems
10 7,461,219 Disk drive and method for performing realtime processing and non-realtime processing simultaneously
11 7,461,203 Disk array apparatus and method for controlling the same
12 7,461,201 Storage control method and system for performing backup and/or restoration
13 7,461,196 Computer system having an expansion device for virtualizing a migration source logical unit
14 7,461,176 Method for initialization of storage systems
15 7,461,135 Computer and access control method in a computer
16 7,461,132 System and method for managing devices
17 7,461,121 Controlling the display of contents designated by multiple portable terminals on a common display device in a segmented area having a terminal-specific cursor
18 7,460,894 Biological optical measuring instrument
19 7,460,885 Mobile telephone
20 7,460,714 Method and apparatus for measuring dimension using electron microscope
21 7,460,571 Laser control apparatus and control method thereof
22 7,460,383 Storage apparatus, controller and control method
23 7,460,343 Magnetic read sensor employing oblique etched underlayers for inducing uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in a hard magnetic in-stack bias layer
24 7,460,341 Magnetic disk device and suspension having multiple arm portions of varying lengths
25 7,460,340 Disk drive, and actuator and head actuator assembly
26 7,460,339 Inertial latch that restricts actuator rotation in a first direction but not in a second direction
27 7,460,338 Wiring component and magnetic recording drive for high data-rate recording
28 7,460,335 Magnetic head having first and second protective films with different coefficients of linear expansion
29 7,460,333 Hard disk drive with humidity control using membrane electrode assembly
30 7,460,323 Methods and systems for automatically characterizing non-linearities of a read-back signal of a recording system
31 7,460,321 System, method, and apparatus for forming a patterned media disk and related disk drive architecture for head positioning
32 7,460,301 Image display apparatus, and transmissive screen and reflecting mirror used for same
33 7,460,300 Projection-type picture display apparatus and screen used thereby
34 7,460,201 Liquid crystal display device having counter electrode with particular configuration
35 7,460,189 Manufacturing method of a display device using a two-layered resist
36 7,460,156 Signal transmission method between television camera and video apparatus and apparatus using the method
37 7,460,103 Liquid crystal display apparatus with luminance distribution calculating, backlight controller, and video correction to improve display contrast ratio
38 7,460,100 Liquid crystal display apparatus having level conversion circuit
39 7,460,098 Liquid crystal display device having a gray-scale voltage producing circuit
40 7,460,088 Plasma display apparatus
41 7,460,068 Distributed phase type circular polarized wave antenna, high-frequency module using the same, and portable radio communication terminal using the same
42 7,459,712 Method and apparatus of measuring pattern dimension and controlling semiconductor device process having an error revising unit
43 7,459,683 Charged particle beam device with DF-STEM image valuation method
44 7,459,681 Scanning electron microscope
45 7,459,341 Method of manufacturing an electronic device
46 7,459,201 Compound for forming wiring conductor, fabrication method of circuit board using the same and circuit board
47 7,459,198 Stress relief for electroplated films
48 7,459,194 Optical information recording medium, manufacturing method of the same and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
49 7,459,123 Automatic analyzer
50 7,459,035 Steam turbine rotor and steam turbine plant
51 7,458,871 Gas discharge panel production method
52 7,458,788 Scroll fluid machine including back-pressure chamber with increased pressure receiving area
53 7,458,506 Paper money handling machine
54 7,458,493 Combustion chamber arrangement in combustion type power tool
55 7,458,448 Hydraulic shock absorber
56 7,458,360 Motor driving type throttle apparatus
57 7,458,348 Method and apparatus for controlling variable valve actuation device in internal combustion engine
58 7,458,347 Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve operating mechanism