Hitachi patents granted on 08 April 2008

53 US patents granted on 08 April 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D566,078 Mobile telephone
2 D566,068 Television receiver
3 7,356,742 Method and apparatus for testing a memory device in quasi-operating conditions
4 7,356,739 System and program for controlling a distributed processing system
5 7,356,660 Storage device
6 7,356,658 Snapshot system
7 7,356,657 System and method for controlling storage devices
8 7,356,645 Portable terminal with an IC card mounted thereon
9 7,356,640 Storage apparatus and storage system
10 7,356,623 Storage system processing read/write data requests with or without logical storage area information
11 7,356,581 Storage network switch
12 7,356,514 Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method of digital video signal or audio signal
13 7,356,485 Service providing system
14 7,356,446 Method and apparatus for analyzing multi-channel chromatogram
15 7,356,257 Optical switching apparatus and optical communication network system
16 7,356,177 Defect image classifying method and apparatus and a semiconductor device manufacturing process based on the method and apparatus
17 7,356,168 Biometric verification system and method utilizing a data classifier and fusion model
18 7,356,004 Data transmission method for a mobile communication system
19 7,355,941 Information recording method and optical disk apparatus for recording information on a recording-type optical disk
20 7,355,829 Overvoltage protection circuit, and power source, power supply system and electronic apparatus using the overvoltage protection circuit
21 7,355,806 Disk array unit
22 7,355,693 Pattern inspection apparatus
23 7,355,667 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
24 7,355,659 Liquid crystal display device comprising a peripheral area having six signal common lines each connected every six signal lines
25 7,355,596 Liquid crystal drive circuit and liquid crystal display device
26 7,355,575 Matrix panel display apparatus and driving method therefor wherein auxiliary signals are applied to non-selected picture elements
27 7,355,547 Vehicle-mounted millimeter wave radar device, millimeter wave radar module, and manufacturing method thereof
28 7,355,528 Traffic information providing system and car navigation system
29 7,355,405 Magnetic resonance imaging system and magnetic resonance imaging method
30 7,355,393 Magnetic head slider testing apparatus and magnetic head slider testing method
31 7,355,390 Rotation angle sensor
32 7,355,336 Image display device
33 7,355,316 Electrical tool
34 7,355,296 Wind turbine generator system
35 7,355,278 Mold die for a semiconductor device
36 7,355,270 Semiconductor chip with coil antenna and communication system
37 7,355,211 Light-emitting element and display thereof
38 7,355,207 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
39 7,355,189 Charged particle therapy system, range modulation wheel device, and method of installing range modulation wheel device
40 7,355,181 Radiological imaging apparatus and radiological imaging method and radiological imaging support method
41 7,355,177 Electron beam device
42 7,355,174 Charged particle beam emitting device and method for adjusting the optical axis
43 7,355,143 Circuit board production method and its apparatus
44 7,355,137 Waterproof structure of push button switch
45 7,354,699 Method for producing alignment mark
46 7,354,640 Hard coating and its production method
47 7,354,525 Specimen surface processing apparatus and surface processing method
48 7,354,400 Ultrasonographic method and ultrasonographic device
49 7,354,378 Motor vehicle, control unit, driving force transmission system, and motor vehicle control method
50 7,354,259 Scroll compressor having a valved back pressure chamber and a bypass for overcompression
51 7,354,117 Liquid pressure control unit
52 7,354,066 Counterweight device for construction machinery
53 7,353,813 Spark ignition engine, controller for use in the engine, ignition coil for use in the engine