Hitachi patents granted on 20 September 2016

27 US patents granted on 20 September 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,451,255 Image encoding apparatus, image encoding method, image decoding apparatus, and image decoding method
2 9,451,229 Video recording and reproducing method, and video reproducing apparatus and method
3 9,451,165 Image processing apparatus
4 9,450,706 Communication apparatus and packet transfer method
5 9,450,652 Radio communication system, transmitter, receiver, elevator control system, and substation facility monitoring system
6 9,450,464 Electrical collecting and distributing ring
7 9,450,246 Carbon particles for negative electrode of lithium ion secondary battery, negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, and lithium ion secondary battery
8 9,449,849 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using meander-shaped heating element
9 9,449,842 Plasma etching method
10 9,449,814 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
11 9,449,813 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
12 9,449,790 Pattern shape evaluation method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and pattern shape evaluation device
13 9,449,786 Charged particle radiation device and specimen preparation method using said device
14 9,449,752 Dust core, method of manufacturing said dust core, and inductance element and rotary electric machine including said dust core
15 9,449,741 Coaxial cable with protruding portions of insulating foam
16 9,449,740 Electric cable
17 9,449,437 Method of diagnosing operating characteristics
18 9,448,853 Method of allocating physical computing resource of computer system
19 9,448,740 Storage apparatus and hierarchy control method
20 9,448,733 Data management method in storage pool and virtual volume in DKC
21 9,448,245 Specimen transportation system
22 9,448,204 Magnetic immunoassay using AC susceptibility measurement
23 9,448,129 Torque sensor unit
24 9,447,730 Purge method and purge unit for gas turbine combustor
25 9,447,306 CMP polishing fluid, method for manufacturing same, method for manufacturing composite particle, and method for polishing base material
26 9,446,766 Travel control device and travel control system
27 9,446,576 Adhesive agent, adhesive material using the same, and method of use thereof