Hitachi patents granted on 24 August 2010

45 US patents granted on 24 August 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,783,922 Storage controller, and storage device failure detection method
2 7,783,909 Method, computing system, and computer program for reducing power consumption of a computing system by relocating jobs and deactivating idle servers
3 7,783,895 Method and apparatus for encrypting data to be secured and inputting/outputting the same
4 7,783,856 Method and apparatus for management between virtualized machines and virtualized storage systems
5 7,783,848 Method and apparatus for backup and recovery using storage based journaling
6 7,783,844 Shared/exclusive control scheme among sites including storage device system shared by plural high-rank apparatuses, and computer system equipped with the same control scheme
7 7,783,833 Storage system, method for managing the same, and storage controller
8 7,783,737 System and method for managing supply of digital content
9 7,783,634 Device, a program and a system for managing electronic documents
10 7,783,608 Method and apparatus for NAS/CAS integrated storage system
11 7,783,531 Container management method and container management system
12 7,783,430 Genotyping result evaluation method and system
13 7,783,421 Navigation device, navigation method, navigation program, server device, and navigation information distribution system
14 7,783,398 Program rewriting system and program rewriting method
15 7,783,396 Hybrid cruising control system
16 7,783,171 Data recording/reproducing system, storage device, and file access method
17 7,783,101 Method and system for determining dimensions of a structure having a re-entrant profile
18 7,783,011 Transmission type X-ray tube and manufacturing method thereof
19 7,782,938 Methods for reduced cost insertion of video subwindows into compressed video
20 7,782,745 Optical disk
21 7,782,729 Digital data recording method and data recording/reproducing apparatus
22 7,782,641 Frequency converting apparatus and control method for the apparatus
23 7,782,618 Electronic equipment
24 7,782,568 Compact thin-film magnetic head and magnetic disk drive using the same
25 7,782,566 Magnetic recording and reading device
26 7,782,561 Patterned magnetic recording medium with data island pattern for improved reading and writing and magnetic recording system incorporating the medium
27 7,782,426 Liquid crystal display device
28 7,782,423 Liquid crystal display with first and second transparent resin layers having at least one different characteristic
29 7,782,406 Receiving apparatus and receiving method for channel switching in both digital and analog TV reception
30 7,782,179 Obstacle detection apparatus
31 7,782,098 Drive circuit and inverter for voltage driving type semiconductor device
32 7,781,973 Plasma display panel having laminated members and visible light reflection layer
33 7,781,962 Organic light-emitting devices and displays including a polarization separator, a phase plate, and a polarizer
34 7,781,896 Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
35 7,781,743 Charged particle beam system and method for evacuation of the system
36 7,781,637 Segmented waste rods for handling nuclear waste and methods of using and fabricating the same
37 7,780,877 High-frequency substrate and production method therefor
38 7,780,836 Method for fabricating a multilayer wiring board, multilayer wiring board, and electronic device using the same
39 7,780,598 Sonodynamic treatment apparatus and method of controlling the same
40 7,780,296 Projection optical unit, projection-type image displaying apparatus and projection-type image displaying system
41 7,780,076 Paper currency handling apparatus
42 7,779,796 Variable valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine and process of controlling the same
43 7,779,785 Production method for semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
44 7,779,721 Driving operation input device
45 7,779,706 Cable-type load sensor