Hitachi patents granted on 26 January 2010

61 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,653,935 File server for translating user identifier
2 7,653,901 Quick deployment method
3 7,653,862 Error detection and correction for encoded data
4 7,653,831 Storage system and data guarantee method
5 7,653,792 Disk array apparatus including controller that executes control to move data between storage areas based on a data protection level
6 7,653,784 Management computer, power supply control method and computer system
7 7,653,725 Management system selectively monitoring and storing additional performance data only when detecting addition or removal of resources
8 7,653,723 Event notifying arrangements showing reason of generation of event and/or prompting a process corresponding to the event
9 7,653,703 Computer system with a packet transfer device using a hash value for transferring a content request
10 7,653,676 Efficient mapping of FFT to a reconfigurable parallel and pipeline data flow machine
11 7,653,672 Heap dump acquiring method
12 7,653,671 Wide area distributed storage system for checking erasure of worm files
13 7,653,662 Method and system for data processing with data distribution managing
14 7,653,644 Hierarchy structure data generating system
15 7,653,462 Control unit for vehicle and total control system therefor
16 7,653,426 Endoscopic image pickup method and magnetic resonance imaging device using the same
17 7,653,311 Optical wavelength add-drop multiplexer
18 7,653,310 Wavelength division multiplex (WDM) transmission system
19 7,653,224 Image reconstruction method and tomograph
20 7,653,106 Semiconductor laser apparatus and optical amplifier apparatus
21 7,653,077 Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method therefor
22 7,653,062 Packet forwarding apparatus with packet controlling functions
23 7,652,954 Thermally assisted recording head with magnetic pole integrated into optical aperture for dual gradient recording
24 7,652,915 High density spin torque three dimensional (3D) memory arrays addressed with microwave current
25 7,652,856 Current perpendicular to plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor having strong pinning and small gap thickness
26 7,652,855 Magnetic sensor with extended free layer and overlaid leads
27 7,652,853 Thin shield structure for reduced protrusion in a magnetoresistive head
28 7,652,850 Rotating disk type storage unit with reduced vibration
29 7,652,849 Flexible cable positioning structure and magnetic disk drive
30 7,652,848 Suspension for magnetic head slider characteristic test
31 7,652,843 Completely circumferential motor bracket shroud for motor hub flange outside diameter for hard disk drive
32 7,652,841 Servo controlling method, recording/reproducing apparatus, magnetic tape, and magnetic tape cartridge
33 7,652,839 Magnetic recording disk with identical servo patterns formed on each disk surface by single master template and disk drive using the disk
34 7,652,837 Data erasure apparatus and data erasure method
35 7,652,836 Lens module, camera module, and method of manufacturing camera module
36 7,652,775 Optical near-field generator and recording and reproduction apparatus
37 7,652,728 Liquid crystal display device comprising a first conductive film surrounding reflective electrodes and a second conductive film surrounding the first conductive film and projector having the same
38 7,652,653 Display device
39 7,652,647 Image display device
40 7,652,473 Magnetic field measuring optically pumped magnetometer apparatus
41 7,652,450 Secondary battery charging device
42 7,652,360 Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,652,281 Light emitting diode
44 7,652,249 Charged particle beam apparatus
45 7,652,248 Inspection apparatus and inspection method
46 7,651,954 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus
47 7,651,952 Aerodynamic shapes for wafer structures to reduce damage caused by cleaning processes
48 7,651,870 Analyte treating device
49 7,651,795 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and manufacturing of the same
50 7,651,794 Adhesion layer for thin film magnetic recording medium
51 7,651,659 Manufacturing method of sinter forged aluminum parts with high strength
52 7,651,629 Liquid crystal display device
53 7,651,626 Hexagonal ferrite, antenna using the same and communication apparatus
54 7,651,456 Centrifuge having a rotor to suppress the generation of sonorants
55 7,651,426 Differential torque generator
56 7,651,389 Exhaust smoke-processing system
57 7,651,329 Exhaust gas processing device, and method of using the same
58 7,651,249 Liquid crystal display device
59 7,650,784 Thermal type flow rate measuring apparatus
60 7,650,686 Servo track writer clockhead radius jig
61 7,650,684 Method for fabricating a magnetic head including a read sensor