Huawei patents granted on 07 February 2017

21 US patents granted on 07 February 2017 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,565,701 Random access response receiving and sending method, user equipment, base station and system
2 9,565,693 Communication method, multimode terminal, base station and system
3 9,565,683 Method, apparatus and system for bearing circuit switched domain service data over radio bearer
4 9,565,680 Method and apparatus for configuring channel resource, base station, and user equipment
5 9,565,650 Communication event notification method, apparatus, and system
6 9,565,643 Power determining method, user equipment, and base station
7 9,565,634 Data transmission method, apparatus, and system, network side device, and terminal device
8 9,565,429 Method and apparatus for coding matrix and method and apparatus for decoding matrix
9 9,565,167 Load balancing internet protocol security tunnels
10 9,565,102 Method and apparatus for determining energy efficient route
11 9,565,066 Data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
12 9,565,061 System and method for selecting operating parameters in a communications system
13 9,565,047 Filterbank-based multicarrier transmitter for transmitting a multicarrier signal
14 9,565,046 Methods and nodes in a wireless communication network
15 9,565,033 Multicast processing method, apparatus and system
16 9,565,010 Method and apparatus for handling inter-cell interference
17 9,564,973 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving interface signals of distributed base station
18 9,564,950 Tag identification method and apparatus
19 9,564,775 Uninterruptible power supply and DC-DC converter
20 9,564,606 Assembly of vertically aligned nanotube arrays containing particles and application thereof
21 9,563,257 Dynamic energy-saving method and apparatus for PCIE device, and communication system thereof