Huawei patents granted on 08 September 2015

23 US patents granted on 08 September 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,131,502 Method and apparatus for contention based uplink transmission
2 9,131,489 Resource allocation method and apparatus
3 9,131,473 Method, device, and communication system for establishing connection with network management system
4 9,131,467 Method for triggering communication between group of MTC devices and MTC server, and MTC device
5 9,131,435 Uplink synchronization processing method, user equipment, and base station
6 9,131,427 Closed subscriber group information processing method, access control method, system, and device
7 9,131,377 Method and apparatus for unlocking operating system
8 9,131,340 Location update processing method and device
9 9,131,027 Method, system, and client for streaming media service
10 9,130,961 Operating method, apparatus and system for media stream transmission key
11 9,130,938 Method, switch, and system for processing a message
12 9,130,891 Method and apparatus for quickly adding recipient and mobile terminal
13 9,130,694 Method, apparatus, and system for phase jump detection
14 9,130,669 Troubleshooting method, aggregation node, and optical network protection system
15 9,130,604 Multi-band multi-path receiving and transmitting device and method, and base station system
16 9,130,297 USB connector and electronic device
17 9,130,260 Antenna designing method and data card signal board of wireless terminal
18 9,129,374 Image sharpening method and device
19 9,129,125 Data sharing method and device
20 9,129,100 Verification code generation and verification method and apparatus
21 9,128,691 Method and terminal for selecting internal circuit according to USB interface status
22 9,128,678 Cabinet-level server and its centralized power supply shielding structure
23 9,127,980 Method and structure for increasing receiving angle of optical sensor and handheld terminal