IBM patents granted on 05 January 2010

56 US patents granted on 05 January 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,644,412 Separate encapsulation of communication operations in computer algorithms
2 7,644,401 Executable file creation
3 7,644,394 Object-oriented creation breakpoints
4 7,644,327 System and method of providing error detection and correction capability in an integrated circuit using redundant logic cells of an embedded FPGA
5 7,644,321 Autonomically adjusting configuration parameters for a server when a different server fails
6 7,644,316 System, method and program for managing browser scripts sent from server to client
7 7,644,313 Method, apparatus and program product for a point-in-time recovery of a computing system
8 7,644,312 Virtual machine monitoring for application operation diagnostics
9 7,644,291 Device throttling system from neighboring device
10 7,644,280 Method and system for linking certificates to signed files
11 7,644,278 Method for securely creating an endorsement certificate in an insecure environment
12 7,644,266 Apparatus, system, and method for message level security
13 7,644,254 Routing data packets with hint bit for each six orthogonal directions in three dimensional torus computer system set to avoid nodes in problem list
14 7,644,233 Apparatus and method for supporting simultaneous storage of trace and standard cache lines
15 7,644,231 Selective information caching on disk drive
16 7,644,216 System and method for providing an adapter for re-use of legacy DIMMS in a fully buffered memory environment
17 7,644,201 Method and system for performance enhancement via transaction verification using a counter value in a polled data storage environment
18 7,644,198 DMAC translation mechanism
19 7,644,184 Universal adapter
20 7,644,141 High-availability identification and application installation
21 7,644,133 System in an office application for providing content dependent help information
22 7,644,118 Methods, systems, and media to enhance persistence of a message
23 7,644,112 Apparatus, system, and method for initializing a synchronized remote database
24 7,644,095 Method and system for compound document assembly with domain-specific rules processing and generic schema mapping
25 7,644,071 Selective display of target areas in a document
26 7,644,069 Search ranking method for file system and related search engine
27 7,644,068 Selecting records from a list with privacy protections
28 7,644,063 Apparatus, system, and method for ensuring query execution plan stability in a database management system
29 7,644,057 System and method for electronic communication management
30 7,644,050 Method and apparatus for annotation-based behavior extensions
31 7,643,982 Debugging prototyped system solutions in solution builder wizard environment
32 7,643,981 Pulse waveform timing in EinsTLT templates
33 7,643,836 Determining approximate locations of network devices that are inaccessible to GPS signals
34 7,643,797 Radio frequency identification (RFID) system for dynamically and automatically establishing communication between a mobile wireless communicating device and a data processing system
35 7,643,591 Transition balancing for noise reduction /Di/Dt reduction during design, synthesis, and physical design
36 7,643,511 Frame alteration logic for network processors
37 7,643,357 System and method for integrating dynamic leakage reduction with write-assisted SRAM architecture
38 7,643,307 Fail safe redundant power supply in a multi-node computer system
39 7,643,306 Apparatus for inserting and ejecting an electronic enclosure within a cabinet
40 7,643,268 High capacitance density vertical natural capacitors
41 7,642,914 Auto-locating system and method for data center mapping and monitoring
42 7,642,864 Circuits and design structures for monitoring NBTI (negative bias temperature instability) effect and/or PBTI (positive bias temperature instability) effect
43 7,642,863 Systems and methods for PLL linearity measurement, PLL output duty cycle measurement and duty cycle correction
44 7,642,813 Error correcting logic system
45 7,642,588 Memory cells with planar FETs and vertical FETs with a region only in upper region of a trench and methods of making and using same
46 7,642,582 Imagers having electrically active optical elements
47 7,642,569 Transistor structure with minimized parasitics and method of fabricating the same
48 7,642,549 Phase change memory cells delineated by regions of modified film resistivity
49 7,642,147 Methods for removing sidewall spacers
50 7,642,125 Phase change memory cell in via array with self-aligned, self-converged bottom electrode and method for manufacturing
51 7,642,020 Method for separating optical and resist effects in process models
52 7,642,016 Phase calibration for attenuating phase-shift masks
53 7,641,811 Enhanced thermal conducting formulations
54 7,641,479 Land grid array interposer (LGA) utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries that is constituted of a moldable dielectric elastometric material
55 7,641,101 Method of assembling a cooling system for a multi-component electronics system
56 7,640,788 Wear gauge and method of use