IBM patents granted on 08 April 2008

115 US patents granted on 08 April 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,356,832 Security for network-connected vehicles and other network-connected processing environments
2 7,356,820 Method of launching low-priority tasks
3 7,356,818 Virtual machine communicating to external device without going through other virtual machines by using a list of IP addresses managed only by a single virtual machine monitor
4 7,356,811 Method and apparatus for referencing a constant pool in a java virtual machine
5 7,356,808 Method, system and program product for porting code utilizing a portable execution environment
6 7,356,802 Automatic customization of classes
7 7,356,797 Logic transformation and gate placement to avoid routing congestion
8 7,356,793 Genie: a method for classification and graphical display of negative slack timing test failures
9 7,356,792 Method and system for enhanced verification by closely coupling a structural overapproximation algorithm and a structural satisfiability solver
10 7,356,772 Multi-column user interface for managing on-line threaded conversations
11 7,356,767 Extensible resource resolution framework
12 7,356,766 Method and system for adding content to a content object stored in a data repository
13 7,356,759 Method for automatically cataloging web element data
14 7,356,737 System, method and storage medium for testing a memory module
15 7,356,725 Method and apparatus for adjusting a time of day clock without adjusting the stepping rate of an oscillator
16 7,356,716 System and method for automatic calibration of a reference voltage
17 7,356,713 Method and apparatus for managing the power consumption of a data processing system
18 7,356,710 Security message authentication control instruction
19 7,356,707 Initializing, maintaining, updating and recovering secure operation within an integrated system employing a data access control function
20 7,356,704 Aggregated authenticated identity apparatus for and method therefor
21 7,356,697 System and method for authentication to an application
22 7,356,695 Multi-level security systems
23 7,356,690 Method and system for managing a distributed trust path locator for public key certificates relating to the trust path of an X.509 attribute certificate
24 7,356,673 System and method including distributed instruction buffers for storing frequently executed instructions in predecoded form
25 7,356,665 Method and system for machine memory power and availability management in a processing system supporting multiple virtual machines
26 7,356,664 Method and apparatus for transferring data from a memory subsystem to a network adapter for improving the memory subsystem and PCI bus efficiency
27 7,356,655 Methods, systems, and media for managing dynamic storage
28 7,356,653 Reader-initiated shared memory synchronization
29 7,356,648 Shared buffer having hardware controlled buffer regions
30 7,356,643 System, method and program for managing storage
31 7,356,642 Deferring refreshes during calibrations in memory systems
32 7,356,641 Data management in flash memory
33 7,356,638 Using out-of-band signaling to provide communication between storage controllers in a computer storage system
34 7,356,625 Moving, resizing, and memory management for producer-consumer queues by consuming and storing any queue entries from an old queue before entries from a new queue
35 7,356,622 Method and apparatus for managing and formatting metadata in an autonomous operation conducted by a third party
36 7,356,619 Method and apparatus for dynamic management of input/output subsystem addressing
37 7,356,615 Pluggable service delivery platform
38 7,356,613 Routable application partitioning
39 7,356,607 Method and system for routing data repository messages between computing devices
40 7,356,602 Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting resources assigned to plurality of customers, for meeting service level agreements (SLAs) with minimal resources, and allowing common pools of resources to be used across plural customers on a demand basis
41 7,356,599 Method and apparatus for data normalization
42 7,356,598 System using IP transmission priority for improving overall network response time in telnet 3270 sessions
43 7,356,592 Method and apparatus for web farm traffic control
44 7,356,587 Automatically detecting malicious computer network reconnaissance by updating state codes in a histogram
45 7,356,568 Method, processing unit and data processing system for microprocessor communication in a multi-processor system
46 7,356,566 Selective mirrored site accesses from a communication
47 7,356,562 Dynamic generator for fast-client static proxy from service interface definition document
48 7,356,538 Configurable business controls task notification
49 7,356,527 Lossy index compression
50 7,356,526 Estimating the compilation time of a query optimizer
51 7,356,525 Multi-column multi-data type internationalized sort extension method for web applications
52 7,356,523 Dynamic optimization of prepared statements in a statement pool
53 7,356,496 System and method for synchronizing ledger accounts by company group
54 7,356,493 Apparatus and method for passing information between catalogs in a computer operating system
55 7,356,491 Method for transferring large supplier catalogs through the internet network
56 7,356,480 Method of data transformation via efficient path discovery using a digraph
57 7,356,474 System and method for remotely enforcing operational protocols
58 7,356,472 Enabling speech within a multimodal program using markup
59 7,356,469 Method and system for trimming audio files
60 7,356,442 End of life prediction of flash memory
61 7,356,436 Method, system, and storage medium for estimating and improving test case generation
62 7,356,428 Overhead traveling vehicle testing and calibration
63 7,356,415 Similarity searching of molecules based upon descriptor vectors characterizing molecular regions
64 7,356,245 Methods to facilitate efficient transmission and playback of digital information
65 7,356,228 Fiber optic cable systems and methods incorporating a luminescent compound-containing layer to identify cracks
66 7,356,147 Method, system and program product for attaching a title key to encrypted content for synchronized transmission to a recipient
67 7,356,130 Method and system for selecting speech or DTMF interfaces or a mixture of both
68 7,356,019 Method and apparatus for converting optical signals to radio channels
69 7,355,980 Costs in data networks
70 7,355,975 Method and apparatus for group communication with end-to-end reliability
71 7,355,974 Method for forwarding data packets by a router
72 7,355,968 Method of stateless group communication and repair of data packets transmission to nodes in a distribution tree
73 7,355,906 SRAM cell design to improve stability
74 7,355,902 Methods and apparatus for inline characterization of high speed operating margins of a storage element
75 7,355,872 Segmented content addressable memory architecture for improved cycle time and reduced power consumption
76 7,355,855 Compliant thermal interface structure utilizing spring elements
77 7,355,813 Method of fabricating a narrow projection such as a write pole extending from a substrate
78 7,355,700 Automated inspection system and method
79 7,355,680 Method for adjusting lithographic mask flatness using thermally induced pellicle stress
80 7,355,662 Liquid crystal display panel and device thereof
81 7,355,608 Method for priority transmission and display of key areas of image data
82 7,355,601 System and method for transfer of data between processors using a locked set, head and tail pointers
83 7,355,584 Projector and camera arrangement with shared optics and optical marker for use with whiteboard systems
84 7,355,486 Current controlled oscillation device and method having wide frequency range
85 7,355,460 Method for locally generating non-integral divided clocks with centralized state machines
86 7,355,452 High speed differential receiver with an integrated multiplexer input
87 7,355,435 On-chip detection of power supply vulnerabilities
88 7,355,429 On-chip power supply noise detector
89 7,355,419 Enhanced signal observability for circuit analysis
90 7,355,399 Non-contact sensor system
91 7,355,384 Apparatus, method, and computer program product for monitoring and controlling a microcomputer using a single existing pin
92 7,355,271 Flexible assembly of stacked chips
93 7,355,253 Strained-channel Fin field effect transistor (FET) with a uniform channel thickness and separate gates
94 7,355,249 Silicon-on-insulator based radiation detection device and method
95 7,355,245 Structure for reducing overlap capacitance in field effect transistors
96 7,355,221 Field effect transistor having an asymmetrically stressed channel region
97 7,355,125 Printed circuit board and chip module
98 7,355,120 Cable management system
99 7,354,874 Variable exhaust static pressure management apparatus
100 7,354,872 Hi-K dielectric layer deposition methods
101 7,354,867 Etch process for improving yield of dielectric contacts on nickel silicides
102 7,354,822 Method of forming a MOSFET with dual work function materials
103 7,354,806 Semiconductor device structure with active regions having different surface directions and methods
104 7,354,805 Method of making electrically programmable fuse for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology
105 7,354,798 Three-dimensional device fabrication method
106 7,354,779 Topography compensated film application methods
107 7,354,777 Discrete nano-textured structures in biomolecular arrays, and method of use
108 7,354,692 Photoresists for visible light imaging
109 7,354,333 Detection of diamond contamination in polishing pad
110 7,354,281 Method and apparatus for restricting rotational moment about a longitudinal axis of SMT connectors
111 7,354,277 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
112 7,354,204 System and method for installing and retaining I/O connector without tools
113 7,353,996 Device for storing and displaying selected bar codes
114 7,353,861 Transpiration cooled heat sink and a self contained coolant supply for same
115 7,353,590 Method of forming printed circuit card