IBM patents granted on 15 September 2015

140 US patents granted on 15 September 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,137,651 Systems and methods for determining relationships between mobile applications and electronic device users
2 9,137,324 Capacity on-demand in distributed computing environments
3 9,137,298 Video tag sharing
4 9,137,276 Managing message distribution in a networked environment
5 9,137,270 Binding multiple addresses to a socket in a network system
6 9,137,265 Generating role-based access control policies based on discovered risk-averse roles
7 9,137,263 Generating role-based access control policies based on discovered risk-averse roles
8 9,137,253 Visually representing and managing access control of resources
9 9,137,227 Matching entitlement information for multiple sources
10 9,137,220 Secure sharing and collaborative editing of documents in cloud based applications
11 9,137,206 Service registry for saving and restoring a faceted selection
12 9,137,203 Centralized secure offload of cryptographic security services for distributed security enforcement points
13 9,137,188 Controlling a GUI display for a plug-in
14 9,137,182 Notifying online conference participant of presenting previously identified portion of content
15 9,137,180 Method for data delivery in a network
16 9,137,176 Dual-role modular scaled-out fabric coupler chassis
17 9,137,170 Ontology based resource provisioning and management for services
18 9,137,167 Host ethernet adapter frame forwarding
19 9,137,141 Synchronization of load-balancing switches
20 9,137,120 Emulating execution of an instruction for discovering virtual topology of a logical partitioned computer system
21 9,137,100 Controlling switch mechanism for detecting fibre channel over Ethernet data forwarder failure
22 9,137,098 T-Star interconnection network topology
23 9,137,092 Network management for wireless appliances in a mobile data network
24 9,137,070 Apparatus and method for signal phase control in an integrated radio circuit
25 9,137,043 System, method and program for determining a network path by which to send a message
26 9,137,041 Method for network communication by a computer system using at least two communication protocols
27 9,136,987 Replay suspension in a memory system
28 9,136,689 Protecting electronic devices from electrical supply disturbances
29 9,136,402 High efficiency flexible solar cells for consumer electronics
30 9,136,357 Fabrication process for mitigating external resistance and interface state density in a multigate device
31 9,136,321 Low energy ion implantation of a junction butting region
32 9,136,303 CMOS protection during germanium photodetector processing
33 9,136,071 Overlay for an electrical switch
34 9,136,019 Built-in testing of unused element on chip
35 9,135,985 Memory cell
36 9,135,949 Linear recording executing optimum writing upon receipt of series of commands including mixed read and write commands
37 9,135,931 Filled-gap magnetic recording head and method of making
38 9,135,849 Variable operating mode HMD application management based upon crowd determined distraction
39 9,135,797 Audio detection using distributed mobile computing
40 9,135,749 Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional model data
41 9,135,606 Changing email addressee categorization
42 9,135,597 Second site control of article transport processing
43 9,135,594 Ambient project management
44 9,135,584 Method and apparatus to model content state and access control in backend-systems and business processes
45 9,135,577 Statistical determination of power-circuit connectivity
46 9,135,567 Transductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems
47 9,135,564 Using cyclic Markov decision process to determine optimum policy
48 9,135,563 Using cyclic Markov decision process to determine optimum policy
49 9,135,465 System and method to provide server control for access to mobile client data
50 9,135,452 Method and system for anonymization in continuous location-based services
51 9,135,451 Data isolation in shared resource environments
52 9,135,441 Progressive static security analysis
53 9,135,428 Cross system secure logon
54 9,135,416 GUI-based authentication for a computing system
55 9,135,367 XPath evaluation in an XML repository
56 9,135,339 Invoking an audio hyperlink
57 9,135,335 Filmstrip-based query suggestions
58 9,135,332 Visual object prioritization
59 9,135,298 Autonomically generating a query implementation that meets a defined performance specification
60 9,135,289 Matching transactions in multi-level records
61 9,135,288 Verifying data structure consistency across computing environments
62 9,135,272 Finding similar coronary angiograms in a database
63 9,135,254 Segmenting documents within a full text index
64 9,135,253 Simulating accesses for archived content
65 9,135,251 Generating simulated containment reports of dynamically assembled components in a content management system
66 9,135,247 Web content correction and web content correction service
67 9,135,240 Latent semantic analysis for application in a question answer system
68 9,135,232 Inputting information into an electronic form
69 9,135,229 Automated clipboard software
70 9,135,201 Switching device for routing data, computer interconnection network and routing method using such device
71 9,135,194 All-to-all comparisons on architectures having limited storage space
72 9,135,184 Load-through fault mechanism
73 9,135,181 Management of cache memory in a flash cache architecture
74 9,135,180 Prefetching for multiple parent cores in a multi-core chip
75 9,135,174 Coherent attached processor proxy supporting master parking
76 9,135,173 Thinly provisioned flash cache with shared storage pool
77 9,135,169 Method, program and system for generating hash codes to identify objects
78 9,135,163 Maintaining versions of data in solid state memory
79 9,135,162 Data versioning in solid state memory
80 9,135,161 Flash translation layer system for maintaining data versions in solid state memory
81 9,135,153 Optimizing test data payload selection for testing computer software applications via computer networks
82 9,135,152 Optimizing test data payload selection for testing computer software applications via computer networks
83 9,135,150 Automated execution of functional test scripts on a remote system within a unit testing framework
84 9,135,147 Automated testing of applications with scripting code
85 9,135,142 Workload performance projection for future information handling systems using microarchitecture dependent data
86 9,135,137 Control flow analysis utilizing function dominator trees
87 9,135,128 Systems and methods for backing up storage volumes in a storage system
88 9,135,126 Multi-core re-initialization failure control system
89 9,135,121 Managing updates and copying data in a point-in-time copy relationship expressed as source logical addresses and target logical addresses
90 9,135,117 Recovery for long running multithreaded processes
91 9,135,102 Intelligently monitoring and dispatching information technology service alerts
92 9,135,092 Multicast message filtering in virtual environments
93 9,135,083 Methods for single-owner multi-consumer work queues for repeatable tasks
94 9,135,080 Dynamically assigning a portion of physical computing resource to logical partitions based on characteristics of executing logical partitions
95 9,135,079 Dynamically assigning a portion of physical computing resource to logical partitions based on characteristics of executing logical partitions
96 9,135,073 Server-processor hybrid system for processing data
97 9,135,069 Application resource model composition from constituent components
98 9,135,068 System and method for dynamic rescheduling of multiple varying resources with user social mapping
99 9,135,057 Operator graph changes in response to dynamic connections in stream computing applications
100 9,135,056 Automated, controlled distribution and execution of commands and scripts
101 9,135,053 Managing processes in a repository
102 9,135,045 Generating user-requested virtual machine templates from super virtual machine templates and cacheable patches
103 9,135,042 Provisioning a secure customer domain in a virtualized multi-tenant environment
104 9,135,041 Selecting provisioning targets for new virtual machine instances
105 9,135,040 Selecting provisioning targets for new virtual machine instances
106 9,135,039 Transferring objects between virtual machines
107 9,135,032 System, method and computer program product for data processing and system deployment in a virtual environment
108 9,135,025 Launcher for software applications
109 9,135,021 Method and system for input and output of data with non-standard I/O devices for web applications
110 9,135,013 Instruction filtering
111 9,135,012 Instruction filtering
112 9,135,005 History and alignment based cracking for store multiple instructions for optimizing operand store compare penalties
113 9,135,004 Rotate then operate on selected bits facility and instructions therefor
114 9,135,001 Dynamically configuring an integrated development environment
115 9,134,991 Automatic upgrade of virtual appliances
116 9,134,988 Managing pre-requisite of a software product virtual image
117 9,134,983 Uniquely identifying a machine
118 9,134,975 Determining which computer programs are candidates to be recompiled after application of updates to a compiler
119 9,134,966 Management of mixed programming languages for a simulation environment
120 9,134,960 Numerical graphical flow diagram conversion and comparison
121 9,134,957 Recommending tags based on user ratings
122 9,134,927 Parallel block allocation for declustered logical disks
123 9,134,912 Performing authorization control in a cloud storage system
124 9,134,911 Store peripheral component interconnect (PCI) function controls instruction
125 9,134,909 Multiple I/O request processing in a storage system
126 9,134,904 Displaying documents to a plurality of users of a surface computer
127 9,134,901 Data analysis using gestures
128 9,134,889 Variable refresh rates for portions of shared screens
129 9,134,885 Information processing apparatus, display processing method, program, and recording medium to display off-screen objects in sub-windows
130 9,134,791 Service and commerce based cookies and notification
131 9,134,779 Power distribution management in a system on a chip
132 9,134,778 Power distribution management in a system on a chip
133 9,134,481 Graphene plasmonic communication link
134 9,134,479 Polarization diverse demultiplexing
135 9,134,399 Attribute-based person tracking across multiple cameras
136 9,134,382 Predicting state of a battery
137 9,134,375 Hierarchal test block test pattern reduction in on-product test compression system
138 9,134,373 Hierarchal test block test pattern reduction in on-product test compression system
139 9,134,364 Determining the current return path integrity in an electric device connected or connectable to a further device
140 9,132,742 Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure with charging stations optimumally sited