IBM patents granted on 19 June 2012

64 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,205,266 Digital rights management
2 8,205,254 System for controlling write access to an LDAP directory
3 8,205,216 Data sharing between applications where only one application knows the business purpose of the data
4 8,205,209 Selecting a number of processing resources to run an application effectively while saving power
5 8,205,207 Method of automated resource management in a partition migration capable environment
6 8,205,203 Scheduling for real-time garbage collection
7 8,205,192 Compiler device, program, and recording medium
8 8,205,167 Analyzing user viewership of advertisements appearing in a screen display in a user terminal
9 8,205,166 Methods for organizing information accessed through a web browser
10 8,205,156 Determining a high contrast display setting on a client device to process a web document
11 8,205,153 Information extraction combining spatial and textual layout cues
12 8,205,138 Memory controller for reducing time to initialize main memory
13 8,205,137 Apparatus for the reliability of host data stored on fibre channel attached storage subsystems
14 8,205,136 Fault tolerant encoding of directory states for stuck bits
15 8,205,124 Microcontroller for logic built-in self test (LBIST)
16 8,205,121 Reducing overpolling of data in a data processing system
17 8,205,118 Software component self-scrubbing
18 8,205,106 Energy load management method and system
19 8,205,078 Handling files containing confidential or sensitive information
20 8,205,067 Context switching and synchronization
21 8,205,058 Resource management for data storage services
22 8,205,024 Protecting ownership transfer with non-uniform protection windows
23 8,205,000 Network management with platform-independent protocol interface for discovery and monitoring processes
24 8,204,988 Content-based and time-evolving social network analysis
25 8,204,972 Management of logical networks for multiple customers within a network management framework
26 8,204,929 Hiding sensitive information
27 8,204,906 Abstraction based audit and security log model for increased role and security enforcement
28 8,204,901 Generating query predicates for processing multidimensional data
29 8,204,869 Method and apparatus to define and justify policy requirements using a legal reference library
30 8,204,867 Apparatus, system, and method for enhanced block-level deduplication
31 8,204,863 Multi-phase file system restore with selective on-demand data availability
32 8,204,854 Dynamically redirecting a target location during a file I/O operation
33 8,204,841 Transforming a list of values based on a configurable rule
34 8,204,831 Post-anonymous fuzzy comparisons without the use of pre-anonymization variants
35 8,204,791 File fragment pricing in a segmented file sharing network
36 8,204,773 Range forecasting of demand for order configurations for configurable products
37 8,204,759 Social analysis in multi-participant meetings
38 8,204,757 Dynamic food orders during travel
39 8,204,736 Access to multilingual textual resources
40 8,204,719 Methods and systems for model-based management using abstract models
41 8,204,714 Method and computer program product for finding statistical bounds, corresponding parameter corners, and a probability density function of a performance target for a circuit
42 8,204,675 Portable navigation device point of interest selection based on store open probability
43 8,204,213 System and method for performing a similarity measure of anonymized data
44 8,204,196 Notification to absent teleconference invitees
45 8,204,186 Selectable audio and mixed background sound for voice messaging system
46 8,204,032 Information polling method, apparatus and system
47 8,204,027 Administering requests for data communications connections in a wide area network that includes a plurality of networks
48 8,203,937 Global detection of resource leaks in a multi-node computer system
49 8,203,873 Rectifying element for a crosspoint based memory array architecture
50 8,203,842 Open flow cold plate for immersion-cooled electronic packages
51 8,203,561 Determining valued excursion corridors in virtual worlds
52 8,203,529 Tactile input/output device and system to represent and manipulate computer-generated surfaces
53 8,203,452 Intelligent RFID information management system
54 8,203,435 Triggering document generation using RFID tags
55 8,203,212 Air gaps in a multilayer integrated circuit and method of making same
56 8,203,206 Crosstalk reduction in electrical interconnects using differential signaling
57 8,202,783 Patternable low-k dielectric interconnect structure with a graded cap layer and method of fabrication
58 8,202,780 Method for manufacturing a FinFET device comprising a mask to define a gate perimeter and another mask to define fin regions
59 8,202,767 Device and method of reducing junction leakage
60 8,202,765 Achieving mechanical and thermal stability in a multi-chip package
61 8,202,678 Wet developable bottom antireflective coating composition and method for use thereof
62 8,202,460 Microelectronic substrate having removable edge extension element
63 8,202,438 Method for processing a surface
64 8,201,325 Method for producing an integrated device