IBM patents granted on 23 December 2008

57 US patents granted on 23 December 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 D583,383 Bezel for a system storage controller
2 D583,372 Computer server
3 7,469,422 Contents server, contents receiving method for adding information to digital contents
4 7,469,416 Method for automatically managing information privacy
5 7,469,409 Adaptive resource management method
6 7,469,407 Method for resource balancing using dispatch flush in a simultaneous multithread processor
7 7,469,403 Static detection of a datarace condition for multithreaded object-oriented applications
8 7,469,401 Method for using partitioned masks to build a chip
9 7,469,400 Method, system and program product supporting presentation of a simulated or hardware system including configuration entities
10 7,469,399 Semi-flattened pin optimization process for hierarchical physical designs
11 7,469,395 Wiring optimizations for power
12 7,469,375 Systems and methods for managing error dependencies
13 7,469,357 Method and apparatus for dynamic power management in an execution unit using pipeline wave flow control
14 7,469,332 Systems and methods for adaptively mapping an instruction cache
15 7,469,331 Method and apparatus for supporting shared library text replication across a fork system call
16 7,469,329 Methods for dynamically resizing memory pools
17 7,469,322 Data processing system and method for handling castout collisions
18 7,469,321 Software process migration between coherency regions without cache purges
19 7,469,318 System bus structure for large L2 cache array topology with different latency domains
20 7,469,314 Magnetic tape write once overwrite protection
21 7,469,312 Computer system bus bridge
22 7,469,305 Handling multiple data transfer requests within a computer system
23 7,469,296 Method and apparatus for an improved bulk read socket call
24 7,469,276 Service offering for the delivery of information with continuing improvement
25 7,469,266 Method and structure for producing high performance linear algebra routines using register block data format routines
26 7,469,265 Methods and apparatus for performing multi-value range checks
27 7,469,250 Method and system for service providers to personalize event notifications to users
28 7,469,249 Query-driven partial materialization of relational-to-hierarchical mappings
29 7,469,248 Common interface to access catalog information from heterogeneous databases
30 7,469,244 Database staging area read-through or forced flush with dirty notification
31 7,469,243 Method and device for searching fixed length data
32 7,469,235 System, method and program to estimate cost of a product and/or service
33 7,469,216 Method and system for manipulation of cost information in a distributed virtual enterprise
34 7,469,215 Method for processing insurance coverage requests
35 7,469,199 Apparatus and method for selectively monitoring multiple voltages in an IC or other electronic chip
36 7,469,183 Navigating UAVs in formation
37 7,469,138 Method and system for providing location information for mobile internet calling devices
38 7,469,085 Method and apparatus for minimizing propagation losses in wavelength selective filters
39 7,469,041 Intelligent delayed broadcast method and apparatus
40 7,469,039 Device and method for generating an x-ray point source by geometric confinement
41 7,468,993 Dynamic reconfiguration of solid state memory device to replicate and time multiplex data over multiple data interfaces
42 7,468,947 Controlling data packet flows by manipulating data packets according to an actual manipulation rate
43 7,468,929 Apparatus for SRAM array power reduction through majority evaluation
44 7,468,886 Method and structure to improve thermal dissipation from semiconductor devices
45 7,468,802 Method and apparatus for processing print jobs via parallel spooling and despooling operations
46 7,468,766 Reflective spatial light modulator array including a light blocking layer
47 7,468,662 Method for spatio-temporal event detection using composite definitions for camera systems
48 7,468,650 Methods and systems to improve RFID inventory polling accuracy
49 7,468,642 Multi band pass filters
50 7,468,597 Apparatus and method to provide power to battery-backup assemblies disposed in an information storage and retrieval system
51 7,468,538 Strained silicon on a SiGe on SOI substrate
52 7,468,330 Imprint process using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane based imprint materials
53 7,468,320 Reduced electromigration and stressed induced migration of copper wires by surface coating
54 7,468,124 Method and apparatus for copper corrosion prevention during wet clean
55 7,467,951 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
56 7,467,757 Tape tension modulation system and method
57 7,467,742 Electrically conducting adhesives for via fill applications