IBM patents granted on 26 January 2010

59 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,653,940 Tracing and identifying piracy in wireless digital rights management system
2 7,653,910 Apparatus for thread-safe handlers for checkpoints and restarts
3 7,653,909 Time slicing in a shared partition
4 7,653,908 Grouping processors and assigning shared memory space to a group in a heterogeneous computer environment
5 7,653,907 Method and apparatus to manage multi-computer supply using a model based on an economic model of supply and cost of supply
6 7,653,894 Method and apparatus for classifying and modeling operating system image for data center management
7 7,653,888 System for and method of integrating test structures into an integrated circuit
8 7,653,848 Selectively engaging optional data reduction mechanisms for capturing trace data
9 7,653,838 Hard disk drive data scrub methodology
10 7,653,830 Logical partitioning in redundant systems
11 7,653,826 Method and apparatus for query optimization and management of sleepy drives
12 7,653,814 System and method for securely hyperlinking graphic objects
13 7,653,801 System and method for managing metrics table per virtual port in a logically partitioned data processing system
14 7,653,800 Continuous data protection
15 7,653,799 Method and apparatus for managing memory for dynamic promotion of virtual memory page sizes
16 7,653,797 Optimizing a marking phase in mark-sweep garbage collectors by reducing paging activity
17 7,653,791 Realtime-safe read copy update with per-processor read/write locks
18 7,653,773 Dynamically balancing bus bandwidth
19 7,653,769 Management of devices connected to infiniband ports
20 7,653,767 Hierarchical enclosure management services
21 7,653,750 Using a directory service for a user registry
22 7,653,716 Determining a bisection bandwidth for a multi-node data communications network
23 7,653,711 Method and system for information distribution
24 7,653,702 Method for automatically associating contextual input data with available multimedia resources
25 7,653,692 Method, system, and apparatus for generating weblogs from interactive communication client software
26 7,653,681 Software architecture for managing a system of heterogenous network processors and for developing portable network processor applications
27 7,653,659 System for automatic arrangement of portlets on portal pages according to semantical and functional relationship
28 7,653,654 Method and system for selectively accessing files accessible through a network
29 7,653,650 Apparatus, system, and method for synchronizing change histories in enterprise applications
30 7,653,620 Dynamic optimization of prepared statements in a statement pool
31 7,653,618 Method and system for searching and retrieving reusable assets
32 7,653,610 System for facilitating problem resolution
33 7,653,609 System and method for managing a chaotic event by optimizing decision subdivisions subject to multidimensional constraints
34 7,653,576 Method for pricing items
35 7,653,525 Enterprise service delivery technical architecture
36 7,653,499 Method and system for automated energy usage monitoring within a data center
37 7,653,451 Method for autonomic control of a manufacturing system
38 7,653,450 System and method for creation of optimal range boundaries in a range management system
39 7,652,995 Autonomic reassociation of clients in a wireless local area network
40 7,652,947 Back-gate decode personalization
41 7,652,914 Memory including two access devices per phase change element
42 7,652,523 Ratioed feedback body voltage bias generator
43 7,652,336 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
44 7,652,334 Shallow trench isolation formation
45 7,652,332 Extremely-thin silicon-on-insulator transistor with raised source/drain
46 7,652,313 Deep trench contact and isolation of buried photodetectors
47 7,652,288 Epitaxial and polycrystalline growth of Si.sub.1-X-YGE.sub.XC.sub.Y and Si.sub.1-YC.sub.Y alloy layers on Si by UHV-CVD
48 7,652,279 Three-terminal cascade switch for controlling static power consumption in integrated circuits
49 7,652,278 Programmable via structure and method of fabricating same
50 7,651,947 Mask forming and implanting methods using implant stopping layer and mask so formed
51 7,651,929 Hybrid oriented substrates and crystal imprinting methods for forming such hybrid oriented substrates
52 7,651,902 Hybrid substrates and methods for forming such hybrid substrates
53 7,651,892 Electrical programmable metal resistor
54 7,651,890 Method and apparatus for prevention of solder corrosion
55 7,651,872 Discrete nano-textured structures in biomolecular arrays, and method of use
56 7,651,831 Positive photoresist composition with a polymer including a fluorosulfonamide group and process for its use
57 7,651,735 Orienting, positioning, and forming nanoscale structures
58 7,651,260 Apparatus for thermal characterization under non-uniform heat load
59 7,650,693 Method of assembling electronic components of an electronic system, and system thus obtained