Intel patents granted on 01 September 2015

55 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D737,824 Multi-purpose grip for a portable computing device
2 9,125,171 Mobile communication terminal and method for registering a mobile communication terminal in a communication network
3 9,125,168 Polled time-of-flight response
4 9,125,143 Broadcast based discovery of Wi-Fi networks, devices and services
5 9,125,121 Small cells implementing multiple air interfaces
6 9,125,103 Handling wait time in a congested wireless communication network
7 9,125,101 Distributed power control for D2D communications
8 9,125,091 Supported, self-optimizing wireless networks, optimized with respect to energy, mobility, and capacity
9 9,125,073 Quality-aware adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol using quality attributes in manifest file
10 9,125,007 Near field communications (NFC) coil with embedded wireless antenna
11 9,125,006 Proximate communication with a target device
12 9,125,000 Location-aware mobile application management
13 9,124,972 Voice-bearing light
14 9,124,940 Wireless access point with digital television capabilities
15 9,124,889 High frequency emphasis in coding signals
16 9,124,814 Method and apparatus for supporting image processing, and computer-readable recording medium for executing the method
17 9,124,673 Transmission control protocol (TCP) based video streaming
18 9,124,635 Verified sensor data processing
19 9,124,595 Modem devices, application processors, communication devices, methods for controlling a modem device, methods for controlling an application processor, and methods for controlling a communication device
20 9,124,577 Method for assembling authorization certificate chains
21 9,124,503 Network congestion management
22 9,124,457 Frequency domain equalization for wireless communication
23 9,124,455 Link equalization mechanism
24 9,124,441 Remote audio
25 9,124,421 Data prioritization, storage and protection in a vehicular communication system
26 9,124,392 Uplink coordinated multi-point
27 9,124,316 Transmit circuit, method for adjusting a bias of a power amplifier and method for adapting the provision of a bias information
28 9,124,257 Digital clock placement engine apparatus and method with duty cycle correction and quadrature placement
29 9,124,229 Methods and systems to provide low noise amplification
30 9,124,084 Charge injection and drain-based electrical overstress (EOS) protection apparatus and method
31 9,123,790 Contact techniques and configurations for reducing parasitic resistance in nanowire transistors
32 9,123,732 Die warpage control for thin die assembly
33 9,123,727 Airgap interconnect with hood layer and method of forming
34 9,123,724 Methods of forming secured metal gate antifuse structures
35 9,123,706 Electroless filled conductive structures
36 9,123,567 CMOS implementation of germanium and III-V nanowires and nanoribbons in gate-all-around architecture
37 9,123,410 Memory controller for reducing capacitive coupling in a cross-point memory
38 9,123,349 Methods and apparatus to provide speech privacy
39 9,123,167 Shader serialization and instance unrolling
40 9,123,088 Partial tile rendering
41 9,122,945 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional tracking of infra-red beacons
42 9,122,815 Common idle state, active state and credit management for an interface
43 9,122,811 Flexibly integrating endpoint logic into varied platforms
44 9,122,780 Monitoring resource usage by a virtual machine
45 9,122,632 Programmable power performance optimization for graphics cores
46 9,122,624 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
47 9,122,577 Systems and methods exchanging data between processors through concurrent shared memory
48 9,122,475 Instruction for shifting bits left with pulling ones into less significant bits
49 9,122,467 Providing additional current capacity to a processor for a turbo mode
50 9,122,464 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including energy efficient processor thermal throttling using deep power down mode
51 9,122,377 Method and system for interworking plurality of applications
52 9,122,335 Dynamic bezel for a mobile device
53 9,122,290 Bandgap reference circuit
54 9,122,169 Mask layout patterns for closely spaced primitives in phase shift photolithography masks
55 9,121,768 Thermal sensor device