Intel patents granted on 05 January 2010

29 US patents granted on 05 January 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,644,407 Method, apparatus and system for seamlessly sharing a graphics device amongst virtual machines
2 7,644,347 Silent data corruption mitigation using error correction code with embedded signaling fault detection
3 7,644,345 Bit distributor for multicarrier communication systems employing adaptive bit loading for multiple spatial streams and methods
4 7,644,344 Latency by offsetting cyclic redundancy code lanes from data lanes
5 7,644,328 Sharing routing of a test signal with an alternative power supply to combinatorial logic for low power design
6 7,644,293 Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling power management in a distributed system
7 7,644,250 Defining pin functionality at device power on
8 7,644,248 Mechanism to generate logically dedicated read and write channels in a memory controller
9 7,644,236 Memory cache bank prediction
10 7,644,225 Performance or power-optimized code/data storage for nonvolatile memories
11 7,644,188 Distributing tasks in data communications
12 7,644,142 Methods and apparatus to perform process placement for distributed applications
13 7,644,130 Method and apparatus for transparent selection of alternate network interfaces in a message passing interface (“MPI”) implementation
14 7,644,049 Decision forest based classifier for determining predictive importance in real-time data analysis
15 7,643,803 Power estimation of a transmission
16 7,643,710 Method and apparatus for efficient coupling between silicon photonic chip and optical fiber
17 7,643,551 Compressing video frames
18 7,643,519 Pre-processing and packetizing data in accordance with telecommunication protocol
19 7,643,502 Method and apparatus to perform frame coalescing
20 7,643,477 Buffering data packets according to multiple flow control schemes
21 7,643,410 Method and apparatus for managing a connection in a connection orientated environment
22 7,643,275 Adjustable portable computer
23 7,643,020 Driving liquid crystal materials using low voltages
24 7,642,791 Electronic component/interface interposer
25 7,642,764 Voltage regulator with loadline based mostly on dynamic current
26 7,642,698 Dual direction rake piezo actuator
27 7,642,610 Transistor gate electrode having conductor material layer
28 7,642,603 Semiconductor device with reduced fringe capacitance
29 7,641,481 Non-intrusive interposer for accessing integrated circuit package signals