Intel patents granted on 12 November 2013

34 US patents granted on 12 November 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,584,229 Methods and apparatus supporting access to physical and virtual trusted platform modules
2 8,584,204 Techniques for authenticated posture reporting and associated enforcement of network access
3 8,584,133 Dynamic performance and resource management in a processing system
4 8,583,984 Method and apparatus for increasing data reliability for raid operations
5 8,583,948 Method, apparatus and system for determining an interface during a power state transition
6 8,583,908 Enhanced network and local boot of Unified Extensible Firmware Interface images
7 8,583,888 Method to qualify access to a block storage device via augmentation of the device’S controller and firmware flow
8 8,583,755 Method and system for communicating between memory regions
9 8,583,507 Rule-based transferable shopping basket for online purchases
10 8,583,180 Communication terminal
11 8,583,128 Apparatus and method for mapping physical control channels
12 8,583,060 Polar modulator and method for generating a polar modulated signal
13 8,583,054 Wireless display performance enhancement
14 8,582,954 System and method for automatically creating a media archive from content on a recording medium
15 8,582,909 Adaptive multi-grid contrast optical flow
16 8,582,749 Method and apparatus for connecting packet telephony calls between secure and non-secure networks
17 8,582,602 Communicating a message request transaction to a logical device
18 8,582,551 Device, system and method of wireless communication over non-contiguous channels
19 8,582,530 Expedited reporting of neighbor cell signal strength
20 8,582,493 Implicit wireless relay station based upon observed communications between a subscriber station and a base station
21 8,582,420 Time domain signal generation
22 8,582,374 Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting voltage reference to optimize an I/O system
23 8,582,333 Integration of switched capacitor networks for power delivery
24 8,582,035 Apparatus, systems and methods utilizing adjacent-channel power dependent automatic gain control for digital television demodulation
25 8,582,034 Adaptive screen color calibration
26 8,581,916 Graphics analysis techniques
27 8,581,644 System and method providing bandwidth adjustment in integral path of phase locked loop circuitry
28 8,581,637 Low-power, low-latency power-gate apparatus and method
29 8,581,627 High-speed level shifter between low-side logic and high-side logic
30 8,581,353 Multi-layer gate dielectric
31 8,581,258 Semiconductor device structures and methods of forming semiconductor structures
32 8,580,679 Designs and methods for conductive bumps
33 8,580,616 Methods of forming fully embedded bumpless build-up layer packages and structures formed thereby
34 8,580,609 Semiconductor device with embedded interconnect pad