Intel patents granted on 19 June 2012

28 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,205,238 Platform posture and policy information exchange method and apparatus
2 8,205,204 Apparatus and method for scheduling threads in multi-threading processors
3 8,205,200 Compiler-based scheduling optimization hints for user-level threads
4 8,205,111 Communicating via an in-die interconnect
5 8,205,045 Satisfying memory ordering requirements between partial writes and non-snoop accesses
6 8,205,032 Virtual machine control structure identification decoder
7 8,205,029 Providing a peripheral component interconnect (PCI)-compatible transaction level protocol for a system on a chip (SoC)
8 8,205,026 Stream priority
9 8,205,019 DMA transfers of sets of data and an exclusive or (XOR) of the sets of data
10 8,204,934 Techniques to enable firewall bypass for open mobile alliance device management server-initiated notifications in wireless networks
11 8,204,515 Single point location tracking for a mobile device in a communication network
12 8,204,453 Method, apparatus and communication unit
13 8,204,381 Broadband radio transceiver with optical transform
14 8,204,333 Converting video and image signal bit depths
15 8,204,161 Configurable all-digital coherent demodulator system for spread spectrum applications
16 8,204,156 Phase error detection with conditional probabilities
17 8,204,155 Symbol de-mapping methods in multiple-input multiple-output systems
18 8,204,145 Method and apparatus for performing sequential closed loop multiple input multiple output (MIMO)
19 8,204,138 Symbol-based signaling device for an electromagnetically-coupled bus system
20 8,204,067 Technique for lane virtualization
21 8,204,044 Method and network element for voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications in a mobile IP network
22 8,204,028 Techniques for spatial reuse in wireless personal area networks based on virtual time divisional multiple access
23 8,204,005 Wireless communication device and method for dynamic bidirectional aggregation of MAC frames with delayed channel access in a wireless network
24 8,203,985 Power saving in peer-to-peer communication devices
25 8,203,984 Power management for wireless networks
26 8,203,557 System co-processor
27 8,203,208 Three-dimensional stacked substrate arrangements
28 8,202,045 Blower fan for low profile environment