LG Electronics patents granted on 26 November 2013

39 US patents granted on 26 November 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D694,214 Cellular phone
2 D694,209 Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor
3 D694,182 Charger for mobile phones
4 8,595,848 Method for moving rights object and method for managing rights of issuing rights object and system thereof
5 8,595,786 Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing broadcast signal in transmitting/receiving system
6 8,595,766 Image display apparatus and operating method thereof using thumbnail images
7 8,595,646 Mobile terminal and method of receiving input in the mobile terminal
8 8,595,008 Operation control apparatus and method in multi-voice recognition system
9 8,594,817 Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
10 8,594,749 Portable terminal
11 8,594,709 Mobile terminal and method of transferring or receiving data using the same
12 8,594,674 Measurement method for generating cell coverage map and device for the same
13 8,594,261 Transmitting/receiving system and broadcast signal processing method
14 8,594,235 Apparatus and method for transmitting data using transmission diversity in wireless communication system
15 8,594,229 Method of generating reference signal in wireless communication system
16 8,594,218 Method of transmitting a precoding matrix in a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) system
17 8,594,208 Method and apparatus for selecting modulation and coding scheme (MCS) index based on frequency selectivity
18 8,594,124 Method of controlling connection between nodes in digital interface
19 8,594,036 Method for transmitting data by applying precoding matrix in an open loop MIMO system
20 8,594,032 Method for mapping ranging channels and opportunities in a broadband wireless access system
21 8,594,030 Method for controlling HARQ operation in dynamic radio resource allocation
22 8,593,996 Method and an apparatus for session routing in home network system
23 8,593,979 Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power in a wireless communication system
24 8,593,935 Method of transmitting data in multi-cell cooperative wireless communication system
25 8,593,798 Portable electronic apparatus
26 8,593,590 Lighting apparatus and display device including the same
27 8,593,555 Digital device and method for controlling the same
28 8,593,510 Image display apparatus and operating method thereof
29 8,593,415 Method for processing touch signal in mobile terminal and mobile terminal using the same
30 8,593,408 Electronic document reproduction apparatus and reproducing method thereof
31 8,593,401 Mobile terminal including a double-sided display unit and controlling method thereof
32 8,593,371 Portable device and method for controlling the same
33 8,593,020 Electric motor and electric vehicle having the same
34 8,592,869 Nitride-based heterojunction semiconductor device and method for the same
35 8,592,846 Diode having vertical structure and method of manufacturing the same
36 8,592,734 Heater holder and electric hob including the same
37 8,591,050 Electronic device
38 8,590,334 Refrigerator and storing device for refrigerator
39 8,590,172 Dehumidifying apparatus for dryer