LG Electronics patents granted on 30 December 2008

16 US patents granted on 30 December 2008 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D584,015 Washing machine
2 D583,614 Microwave oven
3 7,472,267 Convertible computer with selective activation of input devices based on a tablet or notebook mode
4 7,471,965 Mobile terminal having a heat releasing member
5 7,471,960 Message receiving apparatus for mobile communication terminal and method thereof
6 7,471,943 Method for processing a security setup control message in mobile communication system
7 7,471,890 Mobile communication terminal with dual-display unit having function of editing captured image and method thereof
8 7,471,812 Fingerprint symmetry axis extraction method and fingerprint recognition method using fingerprint symmetry axis
9 7,471,622 Method of transferring and/or receiving data in communication system and apparatus thereof
10 7,471,612 Recording medium having substrate with thickness dependent on numerical aperture of object lens, method of forming the optical medium and optical recording/reproducing apparatus
11 7,471,283 Mobile communication device capable of providing candidate phone number list and method of controlling operation of the mobile communication device
12 7,471,266 Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
13 7,471,263 Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
14 7,471,262 Method of driving plasma display panel
15 7,470,928 Red phosphorescence compounds
16 7,469,980 Door basket of refrigerator