Micron patents granted on 06 January 2015

17 US patents granted on 06 January 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 8,930,786 Self-timed error correcting code evaluation system and method
2 8,930,771 Systems and methods for retrieving data
3 8,930,711 Critical security parameter generation and exchange system and method for smart-card memory modules
4 8,930,671 Logical address offset in response to detecting a memory formatting operation
5 8,930,645 Method and apparatus using linked lists for streaming of data for soild-state bulk storage device
6 8,930,643 Multi-port memory and operation
7 8,930,642 Configurable multi-port memory device and method thereof
8 8,929,164 Apparatuses and methods for adjustment of data strobe signals
9 8,929,163 Input buffer apparatuses and methods
10 8,929,125 Apparatus and methods for forming a memory cell using charge monitoring
11 8,929,120 Diode segmentation in memory
12 8,929,052 Methods of processing semiconductor substrates, electrostatic carriers for retaining substrates for processing, and assemblies comprising electrostatic carriers having substrates electrostatically bonded thereto
13 8,928,376 System and method for an accuracy-enhanced DLL during a measure initialization mode
14 8,928,111 Transistor with high breakdown voltage having separated drain extensions
15 8,927,441 Methods of forming rutile titanium dioxide
16 8,927,410 Methods of forming through substrate interconnects
17 8,927,332 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor device assemblies including face-to-face semiconductor dice