Micron patents granted on 08 April 2008

22 US patents granted on 08 April 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,356,723 Method and apparatus for data transfer
2 7,355,922 Method and apparatus for initialization of read latency tracking circuit in high-speed DRAM
3 7,355,920 Write latency tracking using a delay lock loop in a synchronous DRAM
4 7,355,894 Programming flash memories
5 7,355,464 Apparatus and method for controlling a delay- or phase-locked loop as a function of loop frequency
6 7,355,423 Method for optimizing probe card design
7 7,355,387 System and method for testing integrated circuit timing margins
8 7,355,273 Semiconductor dice having back side redistribution layer accessed using through-silicon vias, methods
9 7,355,267 Substrate, semiconductor die, multichip module, and system including a via structure comprising a plurality of conductive elements
10 7,355,244 Electrical devices with multi-walled recesses
11 7,355,232 Memory devices with dual-sided capacitors
12 7,355,231 Memory circuitry with oxygen diffusion barrier layer received over a well base
13 7,355,229 Masked spacer etching for imagers
14 7,355,222 Imaging device having a pixel cell with a transparent conductive interconnect line and the method of making the pixel cell
15 7,355,203 Use of gate electrode workfunction to improve DRAM refresh
16 7,354,863 Methods of selectively removing silicon
17 7,354,842 Methods of forming conductive materials
18 7,354,812 Multiple-depth STI trenches in integrated circuit fabrication
19 7,354,795 Methods for packaging and encapsulating semiconductor device assemblies that include tape substrates
20 7,354,793 Method of forming a PCRAM device incorporating a resistance-variable chalocogenide element
21 7,354,631 Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and methods
22 7,354,329 Method of forming a monolithic base plate for a field emission display (FED) device