Micron patents granted on 09 May 2006

33 US patents granted on 09 May 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,043,672 Layout for a semiconductor memory device having redundant elements
2 7,043,617 System supporting multiple memory modes including a burst extended data out mode
3 7,043,388 System and apparatus for testing packaged devices and related methods
4 7,042,778 Flash array implementation with local and global bit lines
5 7,042,775 Semiconductor memory with wordline timing
6 7,042,768 Flash memory architecture for optimizing performance of memory having multi-level memory cells
7 7,042,749 Stacked 1T-nmemory cell structure
8 7,042,358 RFID material tracking method and apparatus
9 7,042,265 Interlaced delay-locked loops for controlling memory-circuit timing
10 7,042,260 Low power and low timing jitter phase-lock loop and method
11 7,042,148 Field emission display having reduced power requirements and method
12 7,042,080 Semiconductor interconnect having compliant conductive contacts
13 7,042,052 Transistor constructions and electronic devices
14 7,042,047 Memory cell, array, device and system with overlapping buried digit line and active area and method for forming same
15 7,042,043 Programmable array logic or memory devices with asymmetrical tunnel barriers
16 7,042,027 Gated lateral thyristor-based random access memory cell (GLTRAM)
17 7,042,010 Intermediate semiconductor device having activated oxide-based layer for electroless plating
18 7,041,609 Systems and methods for forming metal oxides using alcohols
19 7,041,606 Electroless deposition of doped noble metals and noble metal alloys
20 7,041,595 Method of forming a barrier seed layer with graded nitrogen composition
21 7,041,575 Localized strained semiconductor on insulator
22 7,041,570 Method of forming a capacitor
23 7,041,556 Vertical transistor and method of making
24 7,041,550 Device and method for protecting against oxidation of a conductive layer in said device
25 7,041,548 Methods of forming a gate stack that is void of silicon clusters within a metallic silicide film thereof
26 7,041,547 Methods of forming polished material and methods of forming isolation regions
27 7,041,537 Method for fabricating semiconductor component with on board capacitor
28 7,041,533 Stereolithographic method for fabricating stabilizers for semiconductor devices
29 7,041,532 Methods for fabricating interposers including upwardly protruding dams
30 7,041,513 Methods for forming semiconductor devices so as to stabilize the same when positioned face-down over test substrates
31 7,041,341 Process for the fabrication of oxide films
32 7,040,965 Methods for removing doped silicon material from microfeature workpieces
33 7,040,930 Modular sockets using flexible interconnects