Micron patents granted on 12 November 2013

23 US patents granted on 12 November 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,584,058 Methods for defining evaluation points for optical proximity correction and optical proximity correction methods including same
2 8,583,987 Method and apparatus to perform concurrent read and write memory operations
3 8,583,870 Stacked memory devices, systems, and methods
4 8,582,390 Wordline voltage transfer apparatus, systems, and methods
5 8,582,380 Systems, circuits, and methods for charge sharing
6 8,582,377 Redundant memory array for replacing memory sections of main memory
7 8,582,375 Methods for sensing memory elements in semiconductor devices
8 8,582,373 Buffer die in stacks of memory dies and methods
9 8,582,364 Fast programming memory device
10 8,582,357 Reducing effects of program disturb in a memory device
11 8,582,356 Providing a ready-busy signal from a non-volatile memory device to a memory controller
12 8,582,350 Capacitor-less memory cell, device, system and method of making same
13 8,582,005 Method, apparatus and system providing adjustment of pixel defect map
14 8,581,651 Duty cycle based phase interpolators and methods for use
15 8,581,630 Signal driver circuit having adjustable output voltage for a high logic level output signal
16 8,581,387 Through wire interconnect (TWI) having bonded connection and encapsulating polymer layer
17 8,581,352 Electronic devices including barium strontium titanium oxide films
18 8,581,224 Memory cells
19 8,580,666 Methods of forming conductive contacts
20 8,580,645 Memory devices and methods of forming memory devices
21 8,580,593 Epitaxial formation structures and associated methods of manufacturing solid state lighting devices
22 8,580,158 Methods of removing silicon dioxide
23 8,578,591 Method for manufacturing a stacked device conductive path connectivity