Micron patents granted on 19 November 2013

15 US patents granted on 19 November 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,589,826 Photomask constructions having liners of specified compositions along sidewalls of multi-layered structures
2 8,589,761 Apparatus and methods for providing data integrity
3 8,589,641 Combined parallel/serial status register read
4 8,589,129 Time-domain signal generation
5 8,588,022 Memory refresh methods, memory section control circuits, and apparatuses
6 8,588,007 Leakage measurement systems
7 8,587,996 Techniques for providing a direct injection semiconductor memory device
8 8,587,984 Sensing resistance variable memory
9 8,587,981 Memory, computing system and method for checkpointing
10 8,587,354 Control of a variable delay line using line entry point to modify line power supply voltage
11 8,587,340 Apparatuses including scalable drivers and methods
12 8,587,109 Stacked microelectronic dies and methods for stacking microelectronic dies
13 8,586,483 Semiconductor device structures and compositions for forming same
14 8,586,429 Methods of forming an array of memory cells, methods of forming a plurality of field effect transistors, methods of forming source/drain regions and isolation trenches, and methods of forming a series of spaced trenches into a substrate
15 8,585,915 Methods for fabricating sub-resolution alignment marks on semiconductor structures