Micron patents granted on 29 March 2016

21 US patents granted on 29 March 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 D752,762 External transmit modulator for an implantable neural stimulator
2 D752,761 External transit modulator for implantable neural stimulator
3 9,299,930 Memory cells, integrated devices, and methods of forming memory cells
4 9,299,929 Phase change memory cells including nitrogenated carbon materials, and related methods
5 9,299,742 High-voltage solid-state transducers and associated systems and methods
6 9,299,709 Semiconductor device and semiconductor memory devices having first, second, and third insulating layers
7 9,299,684 Microelectronic device packages, stacked microelectronic device packages, and methods for manufacturing microelectronic devices
8 9,299,663 Semiconductor devices and methods for backside photo alignment
9 9,299,449 Methods and apparatus for sensing a memory cell
10 9,299,442 Dynamic data caches, decoders and decoding methods
11 9,299,441 Programming and/or erasing a memory device in response to its program and/or erase history
12 9,299,440 Methods and apparatuses including a variable termination impedance ratio
13 9,299,439 Erasable block segmentation for memory
14 9,299,437 Apparatuses and methods including memory write operation
15 9,299,423 Optical interconnect in high-speed memory systems
16 9,299,416 Semiconductor device having a reduced footprint of wires connecting a DLL circuit with an input/output buffer
17 9,299,406 Apparatuses and methods for providing word line voltages during standby
18 9,299,405 Methods for sensing memory elements in semiconductor devices
19 9,298,545 Data protection across multiple memory blocks
20 9,298,437 Unrolling quantifications to control in-degree and/or out-degree of automaton
21 9,298,374 Methods of providing access to I/O devices