Microsoft patents granted on 29 May 2007

32 US patents granted on 29 May 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,225,409 Graphical user interface for a screen telephone
2 7,225,407 Resource browser sessions search
3 7,225,400 Techniques for invoking system commands from within a mark-up language document
4 7,225,398 Using icons to show the validity of computer language structural elements applicable to a computer-generated document
5 7,225,362 Ensuring the health and availability of web applications
6 7,225,344 System and method for managing and authenticating services via service principal names
7 7,225,333 Secure processor architecture for use with a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computing device
8 7,225,330 Security mechanism for computer processing modules
9 7,225,296 Multiple-level persisted template caching
10 7,225,287 Scalable DMA remapping on a computer bus
11 7,225,267 Reactive bandwidth control for streaming data
12 7,225,265 System and method for exchanging data
13 7,225,200 Automatic data perspective generation for a target variable
14 7,225,189 Data source write back and offline data editing and storage in a spreadsheet
15 7,225,187 Systems and methods for performing background queries from content and activity
16 7,225,159 Method for authenticating and securing integrated bookstore entries
17 7,225,119 System and method for the logical substitution of processor control in an emulated computing environment
18 7,224,987 System and method for controlling access to location information
19 7,224,853 Method and apparatus for resampling data
20 7,224,850 Modification of red-eye-effect in digital image
21 7,224,847 System and method for real-time whiteboard streaming
22 7,224,731 Motion estimation/compensation for screen capture video
23 7,224,386 Self-calibration for a catadioptric camera
24 7,224,372 Type size dependent anti-aliasing in sub-pixel precision rendering systems
25 7,224,368 Rendering tear free video
26 7,224,361 System and method for multiple node display
27 7,224,358 Systems and methods for optimizing geometric stretch of a parametrization scheme
28 7,224,356 Stretch-driven mesh parameterization using spectral analysis
29 7,222,966 Projection system and method
30 D543,552 User interface for a portion of a display screen
31 D543,545 Illuminated portion of an electronic mouse
32 D543,538 Remote controller