Microsoft patents granted on 30 December 2008

43 US patents granted on 30 December 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D583,823 Graphical identification element image for a display screen
2 7,472,424 Parental controls for entertainment content
3 7,472,395 Systems for generating and managing filter strings in a filter graph
4 7,472,393 Method and system for real time scheduler
5 7,472,391 Resource loader for applications that utilize relative uniform resource identifiers
6 7,472,385 Method and computer-readable medium for installing an upgrade to an application program
7 7,472,376 Method and system for customizations in a dynamic environment
8 7,472,357 Method and apparatus for managing list items
9 7,472,356 Collapsible container with semi-collapsed view
10 7,472,347 Aligned behavior in templated lists
11 7,472,340 Method and computer-readable medium for generating a multiple column layout
12 7,472,286 Selectively authorizing software functionality after installation of the software
13 7,472,270 Secure transmission of digital content between a host and a peripheral by way of a digital rights management (DRM) system
14 7,472,252 Merging identical memory pages
15 7,472,204 Routing multiple media signals through a patchbay
16 7,472,202 Context-aware systems and methods, location-aware systems and methods, context-aware vehicles and methods of operating the same, and location-aware vehicles and methods of operating the same
17 7,472,198 Media file format to support switching between multiple timeline-altered media streams
18 7,472,145 Compact garbage collection tables
19 7,472,133 System and method for improved prefetching
20 7,472,130 Select indexing in merged inverse query evaluations
21 7,472,129 Lossless recovery for computer systems with map assisted state transfer
22 7,472,119 Prioritizing search results by client search satisfaction
23 7,472,118 Systems and methods for improving information discovery
24 7,472,113 Query preprocessing and pipelining
25 7,472,112 Distributed query engine pipeline method and system
26 7,472,110 System and method for employing social networks for information discovery
27 7,472,107 Integrating horizontal partitioning into physical database design
28 7,472,102 Cluster-based and rule-based approach for automated web-based targeted advertising with quotas
29 7,472,096 Training a learning system with arbitrary cost functions
30 7,472,094 Multi-ordered distributed constraint search
31 7,472,070 Grain aeration systems and techniques
32 7,472,067 Application program interfaces and structures in a resource limited operating system
33 7,472,053 Geometric model database for use in ubiquitous computing
34 7,472,040 Automated collection of information
35 7,471,870 Time-shifting and synchronizing content and enhanced file-based state data
36 7,471,850 Reversible transform for lossy and lossless 2-D data compression
37 7,471,829 System and method providing subpixel-edge-offset-based determination of opacity
38 7,471,827 Automatic browsing path generation to present image areas with high attention value as a function of space and time
39 7,471,726 Spatial-domain lapped transform in digital media compression
40 7,471,646 System and methods for inline property editing in tree view based editors
41 7,471,296 Formatting object for modifying the visual attributes of visual objects to reflect data values
42 7,471,284 Tactile scroll bar with illuminated document position indicator
43 7,470,195 Camera control for third-person console video game