Microsoft patents granted on 30 May 2006

30 US patents granted on 30 May 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D522,043 Type font
2 D522,042 Type font
3 D522,017 Portion of a display element for a display screen
4 D522,016 Animated image for a portion of a display screen
5 D522,015 User interface for a portion of a display screen
6 D522,014 Portion of a display element for a display screen
7 D522,012 Portion of a game controller
8 D522,011 Portion of a game controller
9 7,055,152 Method and system for maintaining buffer registrations in a system area network
10 7,055,146 Method and system for dynamically inserting modifications for identified programs
11 7,055,143 System and methods for providing a declarative syntax for specifying SOAP-based web services
12 7,055,142 Permutation nuances of the integration of processes and queries as processes at queues
13 7,055,132 System and method for associating properties with objects
14 7,055,128 System and method to communicate, collect and distribute generated shared files
15 7,055,048 System and method for accessing information made available by a kernel mode driver
16 7,055,046 Power management architecture for defining component power states under a global power state and applying a new component power state when a new component power state is greater than a registered power state floor
17 7,055,033 Integrated circuit devices with steganographic authentication and steganographic authentication methods
18 7,055,027 System and method for trusted inspection of a data stream
19 7,054,955 System and method for recovering from a failed synchronization session
20 7,054,903 Using an expert proxy server as an agent for wireless devices
21 7,054,888 Optimizing media player memory during rendering
22 7,054,819 Voice print access to computer resources
23 7,054,774 Midstream determination of varying bandwidth availability
24 7,054,745 Method and system for generating driving directions
25 7,054,494 Coded block pattern decoding with spatial prediction
26 7,054,443 System and method for protecting digital goods using random and automatic code obfuscation
27 7,054,366 Systems and methods for MPEG subsample decoding
28 7,053,887 Method and system for detecting multiple touches on a touch-sensitive screen
29 7,053,830 System and methods for determining the location dynamics of a portable computing device
30 7,053,519 Electrostatic bimorph actuator