Nokia patents granted on 22 April 2008

18 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE40,254 Method and system for realising a fast control channel in a cellular radio network
2 D567,210 Handset body
3 D567,209 Handset
4 7,363,511 Method for processing audiovisual information in an electronic device, a system, and an electronic device
5 7,363,385 Routing of data transmission connection
6 7,363,354 System and method for identifying and accessing network services
7 7,363,222 Method for searching data in at least two databases
8 7,363,095 Audio processing system
9 7,363,060 Mobile telephone user interface
10 7,363,048 Apparatus, and associated method, for operating upon data at RLP logical layer of a communication station
11 7,363,011 Method and apparatus for estimating the impulse response of a radio channel based on a calculated correlation sequence
12 7,363,004 Feedback information for controlling transmission in a communication system
13 7,362,970 Electronic device for compressing image data and producing thumbnail image, image processing apparatus, and data structure
14 7,362,780 Avoiding compression of encrypted payload
15 7,362,731 Selection of network access entity in a communication system
16 7,362,725 Method and apparatus for sharing uplink state flag (USF) with multiple uplink temporary block flows (TBFs)
17 7,362,562 Electronic unit of radio system and method of producing the same
18 7,362,312 Mobile communication terminal and method