Panasonic patents granted on 26 June 2012

76 US patents granted on 26 June 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D662,531 Digital still camera
2 D662,468 Battery for computer
3 D662,467 Battery for computer
4 8,209,723 Broadcast receiving apparatus, and method and program for broadcast reception
5 8,209,712 Disk cartridge with rotatably supported disk storage portions
6 8,209,627 Method of controlling display on function operation screen
7 8,209,504 Nonvolatile memory device, nonvolatile memory system, and access device having a variable read and write access rate
8 8,209,188 Scalable coding/decoding apparatus and method based on quantization precision in bands
9 8,209,168 Stereo decoder that conceals a lost frame in one channel using data from another channel
10 8,208,981 MIMO communication device
11 8,208,818 Optical free space transmission system using visible light and infrared light
12 8,208,797 Transport stream generating apparatus, recording apparatus having the same, and transport stream generating method
13 8,208,795 Playback apparatus, program, and playback method
14 8,208,792 Content shooting apparatus for generating scene representation metadata
15 8,208,791 Authoring device, authoring method, authoring program, and recording medium containing the program
16 8,208,790 Recording medium, reproducing device, encoding device, integrated circuit, and reproduction output device
17 8,208,693 Techniques and apparatus for increasing accuracy of iris authentication by utilizing a plurality of iris images having different pupil diameter/iris diameter ratios
18 8,208,590 Filter circuit, and receiver and electronic device using the same filter circuit
19 8,208,579 Radio transmitting apparatus, radio receiving apparatus, and data placing method
20 8,208,570 Spectrum coding apparatus, spectrum decoding apparatus, acoustic signal transmission apparatus, acoustic signal reception apparatus and methods thereof
21 8,208,569 Method and apparatus for multicarrier communication
22 8,208,549 Decoder, encoder, decoding method and encoding method
23 8,208,542 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
24 8,208,541 Motion estimation device, motion estimation method, motion estimation integrated circuit, and picture coding device
25 8,208,537 Video transcoding with suppression on drift errors
26 8,208,491 Base station apparatus providing resource block allocation and method therefor
27 8,208,488 Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
28 8,208,446 Method for performing a scheduling algorithm with a minimum resource parameter and method of calculating same
29 8,208,436 Channel arrangement method and radio communication device
30 8,208,360 Optical pickup device and optical disk driver using the same
31 8,208,359 Optical head, optical information recording and reproducing device, and optical information system device
32 8,208,318 Semiconductor integrated circuit
33 8,208,272 Display device
34 8,208,270 Substrate joining member and three-dimensional structure using the same
35 8,208,242 Electrode foil and capacitor using the same
36 8,208,218 Buffer member, impact absorbing device of hard disk drive, and mobile information apparatus using it
37 8,208,099 Transmissive type liquid crystal display comprising a main pixel region having a first color filter and a sub-pixel region having a second color filter having a higher transmittance
38 8,208,096 Liquid crystal display device
39 8,208,094 Liquid crystal display device
40 8,208,092 Liquid crystal display device
41 8,208,057 Imaging system, camera body and interchangeable lens
42 8,208,052 Image capture device
43 8,208,028 Object verification device and object verification method
44 8,208,020 Surveillance camera system
45 8,208,017 Imaging device, product package, and semiconductor integrated circuit
46 8,207,959 Display device
47 8,207,953 Backlight apparatus and display apparatus
48 8,207,918 Image display device having a set period during which a step signal is supplied at different levels to provide a uniform display
49 8,207,913 Plasma display device and method for controlling an amplitude of a waveform used for driving a plasma display panel based on temperature
50 8,207,898 Antenna unit and communication apparatus
51 8,207,690 High-pressure discharge lamp ballast with rapid lamp restart circuit
52 8,207,688 Electric-discharge lamp lighting device and lighting fixture
53 8,207,680 Discharge lamp ballast having an auto-transformer for high voltage detection
54 8,207,677 Lighting equipment
55 8,207,673 High-pressure discharge lamp, lamp unit using the same, and projection-type image display device using the lamp unit
56 8,207,664 Organic electroluminescence module having a bent strip conductor
57 8,207,648 Dual rotor having varying air gaps
58 8,207,638 Interface device for host device, interface device for slave device, host device, slave device, communication system and interface voltage switching method
59 8,207,618 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
60 8,207,548 Semiconductor light emitting device, light emitting module, lighting apparatus, display element and manufacturing method of semiconductor light emitting device
61 8,207,545 Light-emitting device and display
62 8,207,456 Electronic circuit device for compressor
63 8,206,876 Fuel cartridge for a fuel cell having a flexible outer casing
64 8,206,851 AA alkaline battery and AAA alkaline battery
65 8,206,850 Alkaline battery and battery pack
66 8,206,805 Optical recording medium, and method for producing optical recording medium
67 8,206,775 Method for repairing pattern defect on electronic circuit and apparatus therefor
68 8,206,547 Method of manufacturing a display
69 8,206,351 Administration apparatus for medical use
70 8,206,318 Blood test apparatus
71 8,206,021 Liquid crystal display device
72 8,206,020 Planar illuminating device and liquid crystal display device using the same
73 8,205,798 Card holding apparatus
74 8,205,364 Iron
75 8,205,328 Components packaging method
76 8,205,327 Method for manufacturing circuit board on which electronic component is mounted