Philips Electronics patent applications published on 18 December 2008

60 US patent applications published on 18 December 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 20080313222 Apparatus and Method For Visually Generating a Playlist
2 20080313192 Method of Managing a Distributed Storage System
3 20080312961 Managing Deployment of Clinical Guidelines
4 20080312959 Health Care Data Management System
5 20080312915 Audio Encoding
6 20080312897 Programmable Device and Method of Previewing User-Programmed Events of Programmable Devices
7 20080312852 Wireless Battery Status Management for Medical Devices
8 20080312718 Skin Stimulation Device and a Method and Computer Program Product for Detecting a Skin Stimulation Location
9 20080312708 Automatic External Defibrillator with Increased Cpr Administration Time
10 20080312562 Method and Apparatus for Guidance and Application of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Control of Bleeding Due to Severed Limbs
11 20080312532 System and Method for Interacting With a Cell or Tissue in a Body
13 20080312524 Medical Sensor Having Electrodes and a Motion Sensor
14 20080312106 Substrate Material for Analyzing Fluids
15 20080312105 Sensor For Biomolecules and a Method of Analysis Using Said Sensor
16 20080311864 Determining the Current Value of Transmission Power of a Radio Telecommunication Device
17 20080311679 Biosensor Device
18 20080311598 Magnetic Biosensor For Determination of Enzymic Activity
19 20080311540 Method and Device For Removing Biofilms By Microsteaming
20 20080311300 Composition and Use Thereof
21 20080311000 Micro-Fluidic System
22 20080310815 Method and Apparatus For Playing Video
23 20080310760 Method, a System and a Computer Program for Volumetric Registration
24 20080310708 Method for Improving Image Viewing Properties of an Image
25 20080310596 X-Ray Tube Cooling Apparatus
26 20080310583 Cardiopulmonary Screening with Feedback From Analysis to Acquisition
27 20080310543 Modulator with Instantaneous Modulation Scheme Switching in Multi-Time Slot and Multi-Mode Operation, for a Wireless Communication Equipment
28 20080310532 Method for Signal Reception
29 20080310519 System, Apparatus, and Method for Single-Carrier Block Transmission with Adaptive Guard Interval
30 20080310494 Leakage Scheme for Receiver
31 20080310451 Splitting of a Data Stream
32 20080310348 Wireless Systems and Methods Including Cooperative Communication Medium Access Control
33 20080310329 Method and Apparartus for Mitigating Psp Interference Psp-Enabled Communication Systems
34 20080310278 De-Icing of Multi-Layer Storage Media
35 20080310274 Radial Tilt Estimation Via Diagonal Push-Pull
36 20080310272 Method and Recorder for Reducing Rejection of Record Carriers Due to Write Errors
37 20080310152 Led Lighting
38 20080310151 Illuminat System
39 20080309941 Method of, System for, and Medical Image Acquisition System for Imaging an Interior of a Turbid Medium Taking Into Account the Geometry of the Turbid Medium
40 20080309940 Method of, System For, and Medical Image Acquisition System For Imaging an Interior of a Turbid Medium Taking Into Account the Geometry of the Turbid Medium
41 20080309930 Calibration for Spectroscopic Analysis
43 20080309756 Rendering Views for a Multi-View Display Device
44 20080309701 Ink Jet Device for Releasing Controllably a Plurality of Substances Onto a Substrate, Method of Discrimination Between a Plurality of Substances and Use of an Ink Jet Device
45 20080309656 Dispaly Pixel Inversion Scheme
46 20080309463 Collaborating Rfid Devices
47 20080309341 Arrangement For Receiving and/or Transmitting Rf Signals Especially in a Mri System
48 20080309333 Motion-Dependent Data Acquisition in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
49 20080309332 Microchip Assembly With Short-Distance Interaction
50 20080309329 On-Chip Magnetic Sensor Device with Suppressed Cross-Talk
51 20080309326 Electromagnetic Tracking Method and Apparatus for Compensation of Metal Artifacts Using Modular Arrays of Reference Sensors
52 20080309259 Lighting System and a Method For Controlling a Lighting System
53 20080309250 Radio Station and Method of Operating a Radio Station
54 20080309249 Gas Discharge Lamp Ignition
55 20080309212 Cured Coating for Use in Optics or Electronics
56 20080308746 Optical Fluorescence Tomography
57 20080308745 Device for Optical Excitation Using a Multiple Wavelength Arangement
58 20080308548 Active Matrix Temperature Controller Array
59 20080308112 System and Method for Reducing Snoring and/or Sleep Apnea of Sleeping Person
60 20080307975 Beverage Preparation Machine Having a Liquid Level Sensor