Philips Electronics patent applications published on 25 December 2008

74 US patent applications published on 25 December 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 20080320587 Secure Pairing for Wired or Wireless Communications Devices
2 20080320298 System and Method for Protecting Electronic Devices
3 20080320283 Programmable Data Processor for a Variable Length Encoder/Decoder
4 20080320273 Interconnections in Simd Processor Architectures
5 20080320002 Method of Providing Information
6 20080319982 Method and Apparatus for Manipulating Data Files
7 20080319797 Chronic Illness Goal Management
8 20080319756 Electronic Device and Method for Determining a Mixing Parameter
9 20080319495 External Defibrillator Having a Ceramic Storage Capacitor and Energy Conditioning Circuit
10 20080319429 Device for Removing Hairs From Skin
11 20080319316 Combination Imaging and Therapy Transducer
12 20080319309 System, Apparatus, and Method for Repreoducible and Comparable Flow Acquisitions
13 20080319281 Device for Detecting and Warning of Medical Condition
14 20080318611 Communication System, Apparatus and Method of Operating a Communication System
15 20080318339 Sensing Device and Method For Determination of Teh Amount of Target Molecule in an Analyte
16 20080318008 Method and Apparatus for Application of a Pattern, Element and Device Provided with Such a Pattern
17 20080317408 Fibre or Filament
18 20080317383 Adaptive Point-Based Elastic Image Registration
19 20080317382 Adaptive Point-Based Elastic Image Registration
20 20080317370 Method and System for Filtering Elongated Features
21 20080317320 Correction of Artifacts Caused by the Heel Effect
22 20080317311 Coherent Scatter Imaging
23 20080317297 Computer-Based Facial Paralysis Assessment
24 20080317246 Device for and a Method of Processing Data Stream
25 20080317214 Radiography System with Storage Means for Image Cassettes
26 20080317194 Pet Imaging Using Anatomic List Mode Mask
27 20080317168 Integer Spreading Rotation Matrices for Qam Constellations and Its Application to Decode-Remodulate-Forward Cooperative Communication Strategy
28 20080317159 Radio Communication System, a Radio Station, and Method of Transmitting Data
29 20080317155 Power Control and Link Adaptation Scheme Based on Multi-User Detection
30 20080317140 Method of Converting a User Bitstream Into Coded Bitstream, Method for Detecting a Synchronization Pattern in a Signal, a Record Carier, a Signal, a Recording Device and a Playback Device
31 20080317077 Device and Method for Laser Safe Operation
32 20080316986 Remote Antenna for Wireless Access Point
33 20080316901 Optical Scanning Device
34 20080316892 Hybrid Optical Disc
35 20080316877 Control Method for an Optical Drive with Different Bandwidths
36 20080316764 Lighting Device and Method for Directing Light
37 20080316760 Led Collimator Element with an Asymmetrical Collimator
38 20080316747 Luminaire with Louver Members
39 20080316730 User Interface and Method for Control of Light Systems
40 20080316610 Piezoelectric Variable Focus Fluid Lens and Method of Focusing
41 20080316604 Display Device with Homogenising Attentuating Filter
42 20080316587 Solution Flow Prevention in Fluid Focus Lenses
43 20080316580 Fibre, Flexible Display Device Manufactured Thereform and Corresponding Manufacturing Methods
44 20080316562 Mems Scanner System and Method
45 20080316433 Beam Switch For An Optical Imaging System
46 20080316380 Controlling the Perceived Depth of Autostereoscopic Display Device and Method Therefor
47 20080316379 Display Device
48 20080316302 Autostereoscopic Display Device
49 20080316226 Method For Displaying High Resolution Image Data Together With Time-Varying Low Resolution Image Data
50 20080316164 Display Product Providing a Night Light Illumination Mode
51 20080316163 Active Matrix Display Devices and Methods of Driving the Same
52 20080316071 Modulation Coding with Rll (1,K) and Mtr (2) Constraints
53 20080316070 Encoding of Data Words Using Three or More Level Levels
54 20080316052 Controller Unit, Communiction Device and Communication System as Well as Method of Communication Between and Among Mobile Nodes
55 20080316047 Method and Device for Commissioning a Remote Controller
56 20080316046 Remote Control Extension with Limited Command Duration
57 20080315878 Actively Shielded Gradient Coil System Comprising Additional Additional Eddy Current Shield System
58 20080315849 Power Converter and Method for Power Conversion
59 20080315798 User Interface For Lighting Systems
60 20080315786 Method and Circuit Arrangement For the Operation of a Discharge Lamp
61 20080315744 Lamp Assembly with Lamp and Reflector
62 20080315724 Curved Two-Dimensional Array Transducer
63 20080315440 Method of Manufacturing a Plurality of Semiconductor Devices and Carrier Substrate
64 20080315432 Electrical Shielding in Stacked Dies by Using Conductive Die Dttach Adhesive
65 20080315278 Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistors
66 20080315217 Semiconductor Light Source and Method of Producing Light of a Desired Color Point
67 20080315106 Multiple Layer Detector For Spectral Computed Tomography Imaging
68 20080314749 Microelectronic Device with Magnetic Excitation Wires
69 20080314715 Security Element and Methods for Manufacturing and Authenticating the Same
70 20080314624 Component Adapted for Being Mounted on a Substrate and a Method of Mounting a Surface Mounted Device
71 20080314407 Method of Cleaning an Optical Face of a Refractive Element for a Near Field Optical Scanning Apparatus and a Cleaning Device for Cleaning an Optical Face of a Refractive Element for a Near Field Optical Scanning Apparatus
72 20080314257 Beverage Making Device Comprising a Brewing Chamber and Pressure Release Means
73 20080313829 System For Selecting Modes of Operation in a Power Toothbrush
74 20080313828 Power Toothbrush Using Acoustic Wave Action For Cleansing of Teeth