Philips Electronics patents granted on 15 April 2008

18 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,360,228 Multi-stack optical data storage medium and use of such medium
2 7,359,633 Adding metadata to pictures
3 7,359,558 Spatial scalable compression
4 7,359,524 Hearing aid assembly
5 7,359,522 Coding of stereo signals
6 7,359,297 Method and device for recording an information signal on an information layer of a recording medium in which a bias power level of the radiation beam varies with the recording speed during erase pulses
7 7,359,294 Optical scanning device with tilt detection
8 7,358,961 User interface for controlling light emitting diodes
9 7,358,854 Method and device to identify a periodic light source
10 7,358,731 Determination of spatial sensitivity profiles of RF coils in magnetic resonance imaging
11 7,358,686 Method and device for driving a gas discharge lamp
12 7,358,680 Bistate HID operation
13 7,358,677 Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp having determined probability of failure
14 7,358,529 Active matrix display devices, and their manufacture
15 7,358,507 Liquid removal in a method and device for irradiating spots on a layer
16 7,357,877 Dispersion of nanowires of semiconductor material
17 7,357,575 Telescoping table
18 7,357,548 Light-guiding system comprising a number of light transmission rods